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  1. Thanks guys, will feel better about tackling them now Merry Christmas !
  2. So would have to return the bargain lights too ? Damn, their lovely and so are the baubles
  3. Went out on sunday to buy an expensive artificial tree. They did not have the one that we wanted left but offered us the display model at a reduced price. Full price £179.99, offered by salesman @ £159.99 hubby offered £150 and was agreed on, as long as we bought some baubles for it...not stating how many! Had to collect today as it needed to be taken down, when arrived it was all boxed up so couldn't inspect. Was also offered the three sets of lights that were on it for £5 each as apposed to £32.99 each shelf price. Spent another £68 ! on baubles Got it home and its broke, where the branches clip in it is split on nearly every one. So where do l stand ? refund on the whole lot, refund on the tree ? Will they refund as 'sold as seen' even though l could not see the mechanics of the tree as it was covered in trimmings ? sorry its a long post
  4. I have just received by barclays statements and l have some payments that say 'unpaids out 1 @ £25.' I am unsure what this means could someone explain Thank you
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