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  1. Got a letter from SC&M with an offer of full settlement, just have to sign now. Do they normally pay the money in quite quick or do they drag that part out too?
  2. Hi, i got this letter, but it has different dates, so i'm confused! I got District Judge Little Orders that this claim is stayed until 08 June 2007 to enable all parties to attempt settlement. On or before 24 June 2007 one of the following must be taken: either the claimant must notify the court that the whole of the claim has been settled or the claimant or defendant must write to the court requesting an extention of the stay period, explaining the steps being taken towards settlement and identifying any mediator, expert, or orther person helping with the process. The letter should confirm the agreement of all the other parties. or all the parties must file a completed allocation questionnaire at the court. Where a settlement of some of the issues in dispute has been reached, a list of all those issues should be attached to the completed questionnaire. The list must be agreed with the other parties and must indicate that it has been agreed. Why is it stayed until 8th June, but the says by the 24th X must have happened. Do i just ride this out?
  3. Had my notice of transfer on the 18th April to my local court but nothing since, so today i gave them a call to see whats going on. Apparently it went infront of a district judge on the 4th May and they claimed to have paid me. Which they have not. Does this happen often? I've gotta write a letter now saying they have not paid me .
  4. I submitted via MCOL. Lloyds said the will defend I got a copy of lloyds defence sent to me on the 20th of April along with a covering note saying it had been transfered to my local court with a big line though the part that said the allocation questionaire should be returned to my local court and no allocation questionaire with the letter. I do not understand what i should be expecting next, its been 2 weeks since then.
  5. Right i've now got a cheque for £98, i really am stuck now, i d not know what i am to do to get the full £254?! A) Send Cheque back B) Cash Cheque C) Keep Cheque but not cash it. and then which letter do i use in the templates library? There are 6 in the rejecting offers and all so confusing, have no idea which exact one use after reading them.
  6. I've had a letter from Capital One offering me £98 of the £254 after a first letter. They said the cheque should be with me within 14 Days. Now i want all £254, so do i wait for the cheque and send it back with another letter, just send another letter? accept is part payment, i'm in a pickle!
  7. Is it normal to get a response from the LBA i sent? Lloyds 14 Days was up on friday (9th) and i've had no letter. I did say i would start court stuff to get money back if i have no response, but i'll have to wait until end of month for that as i'm skint until i get paid.
  8. Hi, i have a mate who's interested in doing the claim back of charges like i am, the problem is he has a large loan with them and he's scared they might get nasty and demand the loan money back. Can they do this? is it somthing he should worry about?
  9. Well sent in the post my request for full refund of £2462 from Lloyds TSB on Monday. Then i decided to go after the 4 Credit Card companys that had put defaults on my account, and the only reason i got in that mess was these charges, so sent my SAR's for them 4 on tuesday. Whats a usual time frame from begining to end to getting charges back from Lloyds TSB?
  10. I hope i'm not being to thick, but i'm about to send my letter off to Lloyds TSB asking for £2462 back in charges. Who do i send the letter to? The address of my branch or some other address??
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