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  1. hey, yeah we got it all back eventually, the DPS are rubbish. I thought that it was my landlord that was messing me about, but i find out it is the DPS who drag there heels. I applied for my bond back and got it back about a month later, which, i think is disgusting. My landlord had to phone them up to complain before they did anything. The problem with the DPS is not worryin IF your gonna get your money back its worryin WHEN your gonna get it back.
  2. Hi, my bond is with the DPS and i moved outta my old house on 21st March, the landlord had asked us if we could move out a few days early because she was going away and if we did she could sort out our bond, we agreed just to be helpful, when we left we went through the inventory with the landlord and she said we can get every penny back, but she said she was going on holiday now and couldnt get online to sort the DPS for 2 weeks. Then i get a phone call saying we have taken something from the house, and i realised that we had by mistake (This item costs about £5) so i said i would return it the next day, which i did. I asked about the bond and she said that she needed to get power of attorney first. The next day i phoned again and she said if the item we accidently took was returned she would release the bond. That was a week ago and still no bond. What should i do? Ive phoned the DPS who were very unhelpful. I dont understand we shes delayng, its not like shes gaining anything. She also said she has new tenants coming which i no for a fact is not true
  3. hey guys, Ive only just passed my test and bought a car, my neighbour who we have had a few problems with now decides to park her car halfway across my driveway leaving me a tiny gap to reverse out ov. Is it illegal to park covering someones driveway? We have told her to move and she does, but then parks in the same place in the night so when i wake up in the morning for work i have to squeeze past, and having only just past my test, my reversing needs sum work LOL. Thanks Guys
  4. Received a letter from the court last night saying that my application to have the saty removed has been refused. Not sure what to do now, just wait for the test case i suppose. Cityguy
  5. ok quick update. Ive sent in my application to have the stay removed to the courts and ive also sent a letter to DG informing them that ive dont this. So i guess i just wait to see what the court says Cityguy
  6. i phned the court and was informed by phone that my case is stayed. It says on the n244 form that you have to notify the defendant, im not sure if you have to send them your N244 form aswell or just let them no that you will be filling the application to remove the stay? could someone please clarify
  7. hey guys, just filled in my N244 application to have the stay lifted, do i send this to DG aswell?
  8. Ok, so i spoke to the court today and as everyone probably knows all cases that were due to be heard on 14th August are stayed until the high court test case. So whats the next move, do i just sit back and wait or is there something i can do, ive read that i could ask for the stay to be lifted? but how do i do this? and is it really worth it? I mean whats the chances of the judge lifting it? Cityguy
  9. ive sent in my draft order for directions, a statement of evidence along with my schedule of charges and a covering letter saying please find attached my written repesentation. I sent this to the court and to DG Cityguy
  10. Just read this report on reclaiming charges: Following a lengthy investigation into unauthorised overdraft charges, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has filed a court action that says the charges are unfair. Seven banks – NatWest/Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Halifax/Bank of Scotland, Abbey and Clydesdale – and Nationwide building society have agreed to face the High Court. This test case will look to settle, once and for all, whether overdraft charges are a fair reflection of the cost to banks of people going overdrawn without permission. Get a better bank account with our comparison tool Customers winning in court This follows a series of out-of-court payments by banks and building societies to people who had taken legal action to reclaim their charges. In one day alone last month, 75 cases were heard at Leeds Mercantile Court, with many being won by the people claiming their fees back. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have now been refunded to customers, which probably explains why the banks have decided to go to court. What this means for claims The banks have got permission from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to put any existing unsettled claims on hold until this court case is over. This means that if you’re in the process of making a claim you will need to wait for the verdict. However, if you’ve received an offer from a bank or building society you can still accept it. But if you reject it to pursue further action you’ll need to wait for the High Court decision. The Financial Ombudsman Service has announced that it’s suspending any work on overdraft fee cases until the case has been heard. County courts are also expected to stop any court actions. Despite this, Citizens Advice says that people who feel they have been overcharged should continue to make claims, so that they are in the system for when a decision is reached. Of course, if the banks and building societies win, then it is unlikely that anyone will be able to claim their overdraft fees back. If the banks lose, then experts say it could mean the end of free banking in the UK as banks look to get back some of the money they will be paying out to customers. The final bill could run into billions of pounds. How to claim your charges back How long will the case take? Estimates on how long the case will take vary. Research company Defaqto predicts that it will last for years. Many consumer groups are calling for a speedy outcome. But with so much at stake, it’s not likely to be quick.
  11. hey guys, i spoke to my friend this weekend who works for HSBC, she said that every month they have a circular and this months mentioned bank charges. She said a case last week went to the high court and all bank charges cases and the accounts are put into a SUSPENDED folder and nothing will be done with them until after the court has made there decision. Im not sure exactly what that means but im hopein that as i already have a court date this wont affect me? Cityguy
  12. cool, gonna sort out my written representation this weekend and post to the court and DG Monday, so then i guess all we have to do is sit back and watch the £ roll in LOL (U no its not going to be that straight forward) C U at the court house on 14th August LOL (Along with the other 200 people) Cityguy
  13. ok thanks i read that. If i dont actually want to turn up in court, i just send the draft order for directions to the court and to DG, is that correct? Ive already sent it to the court but dont think i sent it to DG Cityguy
  14. ok guys heres what my letter from the court says, Before District Judge ........ Sitting at Cardiff County Court.... Cardiff Upon the Courts own motion. The Court has made this order of its own initiative without hearing. If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7 days of receiving it. IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. Directions will be given in this case by the Designated Civil Judge, His Honour Judge G Hickinbotton, on the 14th August 2007 at 10:30 am at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre. 2. Parties may appear in person or make written representations as to how the case should proceed provided a copy of the representations is sent to the Court and the other side at least 7 days drior to the hearing. So could someone tell me what i exacly need to send to the court and to DG. Thanks alot for your help Cityguy
  15. ok thanks guys, will do that when i get home from work. And yeah its Cardiff Court Cityguy
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