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  1. no silly, this is all part of what makes life really interesting. The fact is that it really doesn't matter who is on top. As long as people teach eachother the facts. You cant beat the system, you are the system. we all are. Education, thought and understanding will change the system. Bit by bit they will have to do what is right. They will be in the spotlight. Schools don't teach this at the moment. Its not in the curriculum. You must also understand that the people at the top see people in a certain way. For instance, people are told how to address the queen. They are
  2. More like, some people have the ability to make money out of fresh air. These people have the ability to create recession or boom, depending on what their needs are for the global political arena. All money is debt that has ultimately been borrowed from a small group of very wealthy global money 'lenders'. This means that we, the population, have been signed up by our governments to be responsible for this debt (and interest). This small group of people have been given the magical power of being able to create money. Great Isn't it. Thats as wealthy as wealthy gets. Our govern
  3. That sounds about right, making it up as they go along. And who's to stop them, no one. why? because people who are slightly in the black think people like you deserve it. Of course as the recession is increased more people will be played with in this manner. Bit by bit they role along the conveyer, loosing what they thought they had. You are being chewed by the machine. The only way to stop it is to end the dictatorship and bring about a state of awareness. Money is a fools banquet. Its basically a tool by which a few can own everything. Money does not exist outside of the human mind. I
  4. I am gobsmacked by this. The law has been contorted in the most unbelievable way. Its like there is an elephant in the room. The law has been fashioned specifically for the purpose of stopping people from being able to claim. Its not an elephant, its a big hairy mamouth with a pretty lampshade on its head, to stop anyone seeing how glaringly obviously out of place it is. this contortion on the law, is..HUGE. THE LAW IS SO distorted out of shape to make it fit this purpose, that we can quite safely say that, Maybe it is a MAMOUTH. If I stand here and point, do you think a crowd will gather???
  5. A person that I have been talking to as said that there doesn't have to be any tangible or logical reason why the supreme court came up with the decision that, even though the charges should be part of a contract, they dont have to be within the terms of the UCTCCR 1999. They just made it up, saw a place to stick a stick in the spokes and thats what they have done. See, the banks wave a lot of wonga in the air and people in robes get all dazzally eyed. It'll be a good job when we evolve, wont it:D
  6. Fob off letters have clues to the solution in them. I like the phrase from the original prisoner which is "questions are a burden to others, answers are a prison for ones self!!!" I think these people (LTSB) know that they are on the moral low ground. I think they know they are wrong. They also know that they will have a big glaring spotlight on them if they do the right thing. They (hopefully) tell there children about honesty, and yet practise being 'economical with the truth'. They will gain my respect when they own up, and put the sweeties back. I think they really wa
  7. Im talking to some knowledgable people at the moment. By almeans get a Subject Access Request done (Make sure you follow the advice and get a decent letter done). They need very little as an excuse to give you bullsh*t, but don't talk to them about what Ive said until Ive discovered if there is any relevance.
  8. we can work together. but we do need someone who knows the law and how to use it. The Office of fair trading has never made a judgement that these charges are fair and nor has anyone else except the banks. This means that it is their opinion that the charges are fair and not a statment of fact. Infact legaly they cannot be described as being fair. You will note from their letters that they do not say "These charges are fair", because this would be a lie. Instead they say that "they are of the position that these charges are fair". Since a contract has to be fair then these charges
  9. I didn't intend any disrespect to BF at all. I understand where he/she is comming from and nothing negative in my reply is directed at her/him. I respect the fact that he/she is putting time and effort into such a noble cause. He/She is a hero in my estimation. Defeting the banks with an open mind is what I am trying to do. Thats why I have put the comments from the CEO in my thread opener. (Defete is the wrong word really, Help them to see the path of righteousness and put right the wrong they have done.) I really don't get why banks can't recognise that they ARE their customers.
  10. As anyone looked into the possibility of starting up a bank. A bank that is owned equally by each and everyone of its users, A bank that is ethical. A bank that informs people about money from its creation to its destruction? I think sometimes the path of least resistance is the best. You have to want to find that path. All others will have to follow. Money should be a tool to make things simpler, not a token of power. If we look at the total effort of mankind, more than half is wasted administering and manipulating money. Think of all the huge office blocks, all the computers, d
  11. Now thats funny. Thats not an answer I was expecting. Even if it was a description of the situation as it stands, I would have thought that there was something happening about this. I'm glad I have never had children because the future of humanity is looking pretty bleak. Shame that these people who are so easily bought off, do not understand that they are only having a good time whilst they are useful tools. Eventually the human pyramid of power starts to look like a stitched up pancake with a pin in the middle. How we knit together the fabric of our own net, ripe for the plucking. Sheep
  12. I always write my letters to the CEO of Lloyds group now. This is so that any reply received comes from whomever he delegates the task to. But the reply is his responsibility. Once this matter is resolved I will definately make a donation. I am attempting to recover over £4000 in bank charges and interest. I managed to obtain statments going back to 1998 from lloyds TSB. I have written to them in order to obtain the original terms and conditions for the account which was opened through TSB bank in 1987. I asked under a Subject Access Request. They sent back a letter that said
  13. I opened my current account in 1987 when TSB was a seperate bank. The original terms and conditions will be for TSB bank. These T&C's are the ones that count for me. Has anyone managed to get any copies of these? If so, can you let me know, Thank You
  14. Lloyds TSB refer to the Forced Lending as an 'unplanned overdraft'. They try to argue that you request an 'unplanned overdraft' whenever someone requests payment for funds that you don't have. Does anyone Know the consumer credit act in relation to Forced Lending. Can a regulated body such as Lloyds TSB force a person to borrow without that persons consent. Must they not sign a credit agreement before the loan can be enforced upon them, with the relevent cooling off periods etc.? What happens when a loan is made without the recipients consent, can such a loan be recognised in law or is this
  15. We use a system of banking known as Fractional Reserve Banking(also known as Debt Based Banking). Not many people are aware of how this works (That goes for economists too). Simply, banks are allowed to lend money, far in excess of what they have on deposit. They simply generate new money from thin air when you ask for a loan, and put it in your account. No gold is required to back up this new money, just a signed IOU (your credit agreement). Then they charge you interest on it. If you secure the 'loan' on property, Then the bank technically owns that property. (nice exc
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