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  1. Our mortgage finishes in around 7 years time when my Mrs is 65. So we don't want to extend it any further. Plus, we just need to sell our house and we will pay it all off immediately anyway! That's the frustrating thing!!
  2. Unfortunately, there are no benefits as I know of that pay your Mortgage! :-/ As for other things, we do get Working Tax Credit which helps, and a discount on our Council Tax, but all this is certainly not enough to save us from the Mortgage company. I personally have two unsecured loans which I have payment plans with that stretch over 150 years!! lol. One is £10 a month to Lloyds and the other is £5 a month to Cabot. I have been told that someone that my family knows was taken to Court by their Mortgage company with the idea of forcing a repossession, and apparently the case last
  3. Hi everyone, I hope someone can offer us some advice? Since my partner's clothing online business has all but collapsed, we have been struggling to make ends meet. We are lucky to have a low mortgage of around £250 per month (over the next 7+ years), however due to the business failing we have been only able to pay £100 per month for the last 5 months. This has been agreed to with the mortgage company (C&G). Now we have one more agreed payment of £100 left (May), then they say they are going to take us to Court for a 'repossession' of our house! Now my Mrs who is nearly 58
  4. The 'We Hate Lloydstsb' Facebook Page is up! Anyone who wishes to share their horror story with this 'Bank' (I use the term loosely), then please 'Like' and make your post! I'm not allowed to post a link on here so just search for the above name on the facebook search.
  5. Thanks for all your help here mate. Much appreciated. I will definitely be doing what you have advised. I will keep you posted on what happens. Thank you.
  6. The extra £14,000 that they insist on adding is a second loan I had with them that included their 'so-called' Payment Protection Insurance. When I came out of work a few months after acquiring the loan, they began to pay it, then they suddenly stopped, refused to pay any more and insisted that I now have to pay that loan on top of the other one! After many horrible months of abusive phone calls/letters etc, I finally went to my local CAB and we managed to get a payment plan arranged. 49 years of £35 per month!! lol. I'll be dead before then! I was hoping that this useless Government would
  7. Funny question. But let me fill you all in... I am currently on Incapacity Benefit, which I've been on since 2004. I suffer with a severe Mental illness which I don't really want to go into on here for obvious reasons. Since I finished work, I have had to put up with 2 companies chasing me for money. (non-priority debts). Lloyds w*****rs and Cabot (Marbles Credit Card). Lloyds are the worst of the two as they have lied constantly about how much I owe them, basically adding £14,000 to the £7500+ that I ACTUALLY owe them. I owe Cabot approx £2500+. My question is, if I was to place a large che
  8. Thanks for that. The PPI option might not really help much as I took out the loan with 'so called' Insurance just a few months before my illness. So I hardly paid anything to them. Although I'm not sure how much they actually added to my loan, so I will look into this. The 10% offer is a good idea, except I don't even have 10% of what I think I owe! Let alone what they claim I owe. lol. I really need to find out if I can qualify for legal aid. I've been claiming Incapacity Benefit over the last 5 years as I am classed as long term illness. My Mrs works from home. (ebay trader). To
  9. Thanks for that. I will do some reading up I think before I decide either way. I really appreciate your advise mate. I definitely think being forewarned is forearmed, especially with these people. **** of the Earth. I call them the UK's 'legal criminals'.
  10. Thanks for your response. I've had a quick scan through what an IVA is, and I have read about the possiblility of the creditors acquiring assets that I may have. I haven't got a lot now, so I am certainly not going to give these b*****ds the opportunity to totally ruin my life! I would rather let them wait for 49 years. lol.
  11. Do these 'criminal' Banks ever wipe a debt after a large amount of time? The reason I ask is that my ridiculous payment plan stretches to 49 years!! lol. (£35 per month over 49 years to be precise!) For more info, here is my previous thread... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/getting-out-debt/195186-i-want-take-lloyds.html I can definitely see signs of desperation in them lately, due to the types of letters they are now sending me and how frequent they are. Just before Christmas (typical) they sent me a snotty letter stating that they was putting up my payments every month
  12. I will look into this. Thanks. I get a feeling that these 'people' won't wait another 48 years for this debt to be paid to them. Is this arrangement a typical one, or do these normally end up in Court anyway? Or is there some sort of time limit on how long someone can be listed 'default' for? Sorry for the questions. I just don't have a clue!
  13. Thanks for that. There is no way I'm going down that route. To be honest, why should I? At the end of the day, I hold my hands up to the fact that I owe nearly £8000 to Lloyds and I actually agree that I should pay something towards that every month. But the other £14,000 is what is riling me. The Insurance should cover that (like it did to start with!) and so that is what I want to deal with more than anything. My step son was talking about getting another loan with Lloyds to add to a current one. When he mentioned adding Payment Protection on it, I warned him off telling him what they
  14. I looked into that at one point, but I was put off as I read somewhere ( or I was told ) that they can chase you forever more if they wish to do so, i.e. keep the debt live, until THEY think otherwise. If this is the case, then they really do take over the rest of my life. I don't see why I should let them do that. Plus, the few items that I own i.e. PC and TV, can be taken off me and sold off too, as I understand it? Or have I been informed wrong?
  15. Thanks for that. Much appreciated. Like you said, I need to talk to someone in the legal profession first I think! Not too sure if I would qualify for Legal Aid with this, as I'm on incapacity benefit? Might have to book an appointment with the CAB again.
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