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  1. You should find your costs and interest in about 2 days later mine has just gone in - i am now fully paid up. Congratulations by the way.
  2. Had my letter today from nationwidetelling me that they have refunded me the money. just awaiting £795 in interest and court costs now. They told me it would be in my account tomorow. So I guess that is me finished. Good luck everyone else. Just stick with it. I didnt use the correct method and they still paid me before the deadline.
  3. Congratulations - got paid myself yesterday.
  4. I off of to China for 3 weeks - I got married out there in November and I am going back for the wedding ceremony. I will post a picture if anyone is interested. getting this money back is going to make such a difference. I will make a donation via paypal when i get a chance. Things very hectic at the moment. Thanks for everyones help and support. I hope that everyone else due in the next few days will be as happy as me at the moment.
  5. Thanks guys, I was so relieved, have got my wedding ceremony on May 2, and have been preying that it was paid before I go. The 28 days were up on the 28th, so I have been fortunate I think. It was a nerve racking affair for me because I didnt send a prelimary letter, and in my LBA i asked for all my charges over the last two years and explained that I reserve the right to claim for any further charges going back 6 years at a later date, or to add them on to this claim when the information is available to me. It obviously worked, but I would definately reccomend following the laid down proceedure as reccomended by all the wonderful people on this site. If anyone is interested i will post my letter as a template if any one is in my position. Just got back from celebrating with a friend. Stick at it and dont feel intimidated. You really have nothing to lose. :D
  6. Have been pain £3627 today in 4 payments, just waiting for the interest now. Thanks for everyones help. Will let you know when i get the interest.
  7. YES, YES, YES Just thought i would check my account on the off chance and I have just found 3 corrections of £999 and one of £630. I guess that is it, just waiting for the interest. I am so happy now go on holiday on Friday. All you folks who had their claim served on or about the 31st March - keep checking your accounts. :D :D
  8. I believe it is deemed served about 5 days after it has been issued. The deemed served date should be on your notice of issue which will be sent to you by MCOL. They then have 14 days to acknowledge, if they do that within this time they then have 28 days from the served date to issue a defence. I hope this helps - i could be wrong but this is what i have been told by all the helpful people on here.
  9. Thanks for the info, mine was deemed served on the 31st March, so I guess I am about a week behind you. My calculations give them until the 28th April. I am travelling to China on the 27th for two weeks to get married, so the money will be very useful. I guess I will have to keep an eye on my online banking then. I am claiming about £4500 in total. So i guess you never got the chance to file your AQ?
  10. When was your claim deemed served mate - was wondering because i dont think i am far behind you - thanks
  11. I dont suppose it is in their interest to demand the overdraft back until after they have paid out because they would hope that the payout would clear it. I have heard that they pay out and immediatly tell you that it is withdrawn.
  12. Hi Shychris, you might find that there defence is " we have paid the money". You might well find that you are paid next week. Because we all know that they have no defence. I have every finger crossed.
  13. Filed mine on the 26th March acknowledged on the 28th. Not far away from yours - will keep you informed.
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