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  1. a BIG THANK YOU Jackster 77.
  2. Hi Jowalshy, Thanks for your help and good luck with your claim.
  3. Hi Guys, I hope someone can help please. My brother recently sent off the SAR to MBNA (Abbey) including a cheque for £10.00. Today they have sent a letter stating there charges are lawful etc. returned his cheque and payed into his account a goodwill gesture of £190.00. This, before he has even asked for anything back. It's very difficult to make sense of the information they have sent and what charges are what. They also add in the letter if this information is insufficient and he wishes to make a full data subject access request to complete the enclosed form with a cheque for £10.00 and some form of identity. Is this not what he originally asked for? And in the forms sent to him there is "retail interest" which runs into thousands of pounds. Is he able to claim this back? Has anyoneelse been made a goodwill gesture before even knowing how much they actually owe and how does he refuse this payment as they have already paid it into his account without his consent. Any help would be greatly appreciated guy's, especially on wether he can claim the retail interest back. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. Thanks Glen, I'll have a good look round again, haven't found anything yet. thank you again.
  5. Hi Everyone, I hope someone can help please. My Nephew has sent the first letter off to barclays and is waiting for his statements, However, he's in the army and is being posted abroad in the next 2 weeks. Can anyone help in telling me what is the best way to go about telling Barclays that he wants his Mum to handle the claim for his account. Can he just telephone the bank and give permission or will he have to write?. If so, can anyone give me a rough idea of how to word the letter and does he send it to his local branch? I will be so grateful for any advice on this and many thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks bish, I feel such a dope!!!
  7. Hi, am getting confused now, (doesn't take much) with diff answers. shall i tell her just to wait and do nothing? Thanks for helping, it's so scarey!!!
  8. Hi Folks, Sorry, this is gonna be a long one. My friend sent off a letter to Abbey requesting a list of charges and giving them 40 days notice to do so. She used the template from the mse website as we hadn't discovered CAG then.She also enclosed a cheque for £10.00. Today she received a letter back from Abbey thanking her for her letter dated 29th jan which they received on the 6th feb. (my, the posts getting slower).The letter says "unfortunately we are unable to supply a list of charges applied to your account for the last six years because we do not store this information seperately from other transactional data. We can supply a list of the transactions on your account which will include any charges applied, although arrangementshave been made to send you the last 14 months transactions in the form of duplicate statements. Most transactional informationbetween 2001-2005 has been archived onto microfiche and is not available on our computer system. please note that there is a fee of £10.00 for the provision of this information and we are unable to deal with your request untill the fee has been received. Please fill in the form enclosed and return it to us" The letter then goes on to tell her ways she can pay the £10.00. The form enclosed with this letter says, "I request a statement of transactions from the period from ----to---- and i understand that a fee of £10.00 is payable. please be assured thatupon reciept of a authorisation request form your request will be actioned.Iwill keep your file open for the next 8 weeks and if i do not hear from you within that time i will assume that you no longer wish to proceed with your request and close your file. Please can i take this opportunity to assure you that any delay this may cause is unintentional. If you have any questions please call us on, tel no." Now am i wrong but are the Abbey not asking her to ask again what she has already asked for and to pay what she's already paid for? We're not sure if the cheque has been cashed either yet. (sorry this is so long) Does anyone know if this is normal procedure. We really don't have a clue what to do know. i havn't actually seen the letter, my friend just rang and dictated it to me as she doesn't have a computer, but this is all pretty scary. Can anyone help us please. Many thanks in advance, starry:???:
  9. We're waiting for charges from Abbey Cheryl, (It's scary!!!) GOOD LUCK. X
  10. Thanks Chaaarrlie, Thanks for that and good luck with your claim too!
  11. Thanks Scott, that gave me a laugh, am still trying to find my way round, trouble is, it's addictive this site, it's brilliant. thanks for your kind words though and congratulations on beating the bas....bas....banks. Raindrops
  12. Thanks for that Tom&Jane, We all need reassuring. Isn't this a brilliant site? thanks to all the guy's who work so hard to help us. Good luck, I hope you get through it ok and get every penny back without to much stress!! x Raindrops
  13. Hi everyone, just wanted to say hello. I'm helping my friend to claim back her charges from Abbey after finding all about it on this site. She doesn't have a computer and was really scared to go ahead with this but i managed to persuade her. Mind, she's still scared, and she's only sent the first letter off asking for the charges. I keep telling her not to worry but it's easier said than done. you just feel out of your depth doing something like this. I try and sound confident for her, but i'm scared just as much. Reading the success stories really encourages you though. Anyway, just wanted to say hi so that's all for now. ps. I hope i'm in the right place.
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