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  1. Power 2 Search did turn up on my doorstep, and he tried to hand me his mobile phone to talk to Cap One (I had got to the point that I had changed the home phone number because of them) I refused to talk to them, told the guy that they were in default of a CCA request and that he shouldn't have even been talking to me, he agreed and went away. He obviously told them what I had said, as a couple of days later I got the 'we can't send you the CCA until you send us your signature' letter. To which I told them to bog off and just send the CCA (at this point they were about 3 months over the deadline!) Haven't heard anything else from Crap One, but they have appointed Fredrickson with the task of getting blood out of a stone. I have told Fred to bog off, and that until Crap One come up with the paper work, they can go whistle and that if I have any more letters from Fred, then I will be reporting them, as they shouldn't be working on a debt that is in dispute. Haven't heard anything else since. (that's probably going to mean a letter comes on Monday!)
  2. Yes I sent the £1, and yes I sent it by recorded delivery and yes I have the proof they received it. Like I say, I got the generic one size fits all within the 14 day limit, but no signature or anything on it, and that's what I said to the guy from Power2Search (I think my letter to them hadn't actually got there when he came), he just told me no problem and away he went. I am guessing that he reported back to Crap One, and they have realised that I am not happy with the crap they sent, so are trying the 'we really need you signature to action this' response. But, they know the account is in dispute so why have they passed it along, and are they still the one that 'owns' the supposed debt, or have they sold it to Fredrickson? I guess a letter to the OFT etc is in order, but which sod off letter goes where?
  3. Ok, will do that, now onto Fredrickson and Crap One ... who gets what letter?
  4. Ok, story so far, Cap One stopped sending statements, so I never knew when to pay it, then they started with the charges again, then they started with the phone calls, so much to an extent that we changed the phone number. 26th Jan this year I sent them the CCA, which they ignored, I got a letter from Power2Search telling me they were coming round to chat to me. I sent them the bog off unless I make an appointment letter and informed them that the account was in dispute. Cap One sent me a generic agreement, with nothing at all on it to say that it is relevant to me. Power2Search came round, I explained the situation and he went away rather happy that I was in the right. Then this week I get a letter from Cap One stating that they can't send me the CCA without me writing back to request it again, and to include my signature this time. By this point, the 12 + 2 days and the additional 30 days are now up. Today I received a letter from Fredrickson International, saying that they have been instructed by Cap One, and the balance is now due in full, and I have to contact them. So, what do I do now? Cap One have defaulted, the letter reads like they have sold the debt to Fredrickson (as it is them that want paying), so which letter do I send to who? Many thanks
  5. I sent my CCa request to them on 26th January, just within the 12 days they sent me a generic agreement that could have applied to anyone. So I ignored it, meanwhile they sent Power2Search round to chat to me, I sent him away with a flea in his ear. This week I received a letter dated 2 March (well outside the 12 days) saying that they can't send it without my signature and I need to re-request and this time sign the letter. As it is now well over the 12 days, and even over the 30 days thereafter, do I need to send them the great letter above or can I just ignore them?
  6. The thing is, they are sending out generic one size fits all agreements, with no account number or anything on it, the only place where the card/account number appears is on the covering letter. so it's not as if they are hiding signatures, there are just no details at all on the agreement that points it towards being anything to do with the person asking. What confused me, is they sent me the generic one, and then only after Power2 Search had obviously reported back, they decided that they needed my signature. I think you could be right with the DPA part of this.
  7. Glad I found this, I asked Cap One for a copy of my CCA and got back the same as you, I also had Power2Search come round to chat to me, they wanted me to phone Cap One on their mobile phone but I refused, told them the account was in dispute and that I was still waiting for a proper CCA. He has obviously told Cap One this, as I have now received a letter telling me that they are unable to comply with my request as I didn't sign the letter requesting it. They have asked me to resend the letter, this time including my signature, do I have to do this? why do they need my signature (if you discount the unethical things I am thinking of!)
  8. I had Moorcroft contact me about about an Orange debt, I paid it in installments to Orange directly, so that every time Moorcroft phoned me the amount they were asking for was higher than I actually owed. Plus they got a bit shirty cos I was paying Orange and not them! It was quite good fun winding them up for a few weeks, and it must have broken their cold hearts to send me the letter telling me that Orange had informed them that the debt was paid up. Made me feel all warm and glowy inside, knowing that I hadn't played their game, never phoned or wrote to them, managed to pay the debt off, and the best bit was that they didn't get a single penny of it!
  9. Eversheds have been acting for Central Trust who I have a secured debt with. I tried to negotiate with CT but they weren't having it and Eversheds took me to court for reposession. Hearing one.... the sub contract solicitor turned up, read the file with me and had the wrong amount of arrears (it should have been about £400, but he had it at just less than £200....less than two months arrears!) the judge looked at the figures, told the sol that he wouldn't deal with the case and adjourned it for 6 months, stating that he couldn't procede on less than 2 months arrears. Within a week Eversheds had reopened the case and got a new court date. Turned up at court, and the sub contract solicitor that day didnt even know that we had already been to court! Suspended possession was granted, on the understanding that I pay £50 per week, or the equivalent of £200 per month, this paid the monthly installment and just over 70 towards the arrears. All nicely outlined in the paperwork from the court. This week I get a letter from them, telling me that I am not fufilling the court judgment, according to them I should be paying the monthly installment plus £50 a week towards the arrears! Have written them a nice letter pointing this out. I don't have a lot of faith in them, both times they have had me in court they have used sub contract solicitors that have only got the files that morning, and these sols don't seem to be getting the full files from Eversheds.
  10. I had an Orange debt passed to Moorcroft, I just ignored their letters and paid it direct to Orange over a couple of months, I never disputed the debt, just didn't have the money for it. Moorcroft weren't happy when I paid the first installment to Orange, and even unhappier when they had to send me a letter stating that their 'client' had told them the debt had been paid in full and they would be no longer contacting me. Orange were just happy to get their money
  11. I sent a CCA request to Cap One in July, by 17th July it hadn't turned up. By 17th August it still hadn't turned up, though I have received some statements (with charges and interest added), a load of phonecalls and a couple of letters, the most recent threatening to blacken my credit file. Still haven't received the agreement from them, some dozy bint at Cap One told me that they do not have to provide anything until I had cleared the arrears on the account (all £6 or so that it was at the time). Got another phonecall last night, told them in no uncertain terms, that I would not be paying anything on the alledged debt. Just kept getting the guff about her being in collections, so she didn't know anything about this, and that it was down to the legal department. I did mention that if that was the case then the legal department were not doing their job properly, if they had been we would not have been having that conversation.
  12. It's in the Burnley Express. It says..... notice is herby given that (loads of names) of Rossendales Limited (and then the rest of Rossendales address) have applied t the Judge at Burnley Country Court for Bailiff Certificates. Any person who knows of a reason why (and then list all the names again) are not fit and proper persons to be granted a bailiff certificate should write to the Court Manager at the Distric Registry of The High Court of Justice, Burnley etc etc before 26th September 2007. end I just thought that if there had been a problem with one of them then someone may want to lodge a 'comment' with the Magistrate. Can provide a list of the names if anyone needs it for checking?
  13. Don't know if this is of any use, but, in my local paper today there are 3 notices from the court naming about 30 people who have applied for bailiff certificates.
  14. Cap 1 signed for my CCA request on the 3rd July, so far I have received 2 statements (with interest and charges) and lots of phone calls and best of all, a letter from them asking me to pay. I avoided the phonecalls last week by refusing to go through security, but then I got a bit peeved and went through security and gave the woman on the other end a fair piece of my mind. Everything was 'company policy this, company policy that' so I politely asked her if it was company policy to commit a criminal offence She told me that there is no legal onus on them to provide me with anything until the arrears (all £6 of them) on my account are cleared. She also told me that because she worked there and I don't work in the credit industry, she knew what she talking about and I knew nothing. I then suggested that she go away and find herself a copy of the OFT guidelines and read them. I also filed at court last week for my charges (+CI) back, got the paperwork back on Thursday, deemed as served on the 6th, funny thing is, the phone has been silent since !
  15. Hi guys Me again I got the SAR from them, and decided to go for CI, came to quite an impressive amount. Sent the prelim, sent the LBA got offered the difference between what they had been charging me and the £12 benchmark, plus about £30 for inconvience, but given the grief they have caused I told them thanks but no thanks, I want the lot. So have filed at court. Meanwhile, I sent them a CCA request, they received this on 3 July and I have heard nothing back from them on this matter. But I have been receiving statements asking for payment, and also letters and now the phone calls have started again. I did speak to them at one point yesterday and was told that until the account arrears are paid they will continue to phone me (do not call letters according to them don't matter), and that they have no legal obligation to send me a copy of my agreement until the arrears are paid. I did suggest that she toddle off and go and read the guidlines, mentioned to her that they are in default, and that they are committing an offence, basically she laughed at me and said that I don't know what I am talking about. I have looked, but I can't find a letter to write to them to tell them that they have gone massively over the 12 days, and the 30 days and that I am not obliged to pay them a penny until they come up with the CCA. The reason I am chasing for the cca is that the balance is made up of charges, and of course now that it is over limit (due to charges) they are banging more on, which I believe they cannot do? So can one of you nice peeps, please point me in the direction of the cough up the cca or feck off letter, or indeed draft it on here please? Many thanks Piffed of and very telephonically harrassed Delta x
  16. Ok thanks for that, didn't realise that you could CCA for a crisis loan
  17. August unfortunately. They do say on the letter that if they receive no response from me, they have no recourse but to ask their client for specific instructions regarding litigation. The Social Security Administration Act 1992 allows this action. Costs will be added etc etc
  18. Ok story is, I have an old debt with the DWP for a crisis loan, this was taken out in 2002. I totally forgot about it, and to be honest don't remember getting any correspondence about it (marriage breakup, being homeless and then getting a council house etc etc) Anyway, beginning of July, a guy from Legal and Trade turned up on my doorstep with regard to this, I said that I wanted to deal with the DWP and he said no, I HAD to pay his company. So I told him that if he provided me with the proper paperwork to prove that his company had the right to collect, then I wanted to see it, and I wanted bank details so that I could set up a payment to them. He said ok, will sort it with the office and off he went. I didn't hear another things from them. Then on Friday I got a letter from CCS stating that iQor Services (formerly Legal and Trade) had referred the debt to them for collection. So now I want to send to them, some sort of letter asking for proof that they have the legal right to collect this debt (I have a sneaky feeling that L&G couldn;t come up with the paperwork and that's why they have passed it on), and try as I might I just can't find a letter that does what I need, is there one on here somewhere, or could one of you lovely people knock me one up please? Thanks in advance
  19. Hi all. I sent Cap One two letters, both of which were signed for on the 3 July. One was the SAR, which they complied with within the week. The other was a CCA, which to date they have not sent me. Have sent prelim for charges (with CI), didn't hear anything so went down to Post Office with LBA yesterday. Came home to find an offer letter of the difference between what I paid on some charges and the £12 that they say they are sticking to, plus about £30 for the inconvenience of any interest I may have paid. My biggest concern is that they have not replied to the CCA request, but have sent the regular statement to me requesting payment. It also said in the offer letter that I should continue to pay each month until the charges dispute is solved. So what do I do about this statement? Do I pay it or ignore it as I haven't received the CCA? I am getting hopelessly lost with all this now.
  20. A likkle birdy told me that a certain Sonic had won today, hey well done hun! I got my chq this am, but the flamin Shabby won't take it cos it's got an account number on, so have got to wait for another one! Anyway well done, congrats and all that stuff!
  21. Thanks Hedgey, only just rolled out of bed, but then it was 2.30am when I dragged my butt up there. Mental note to self.... drink the wine by the glass not the bottle! Just waiting to hear if she has received my 'thank you, get the cheque in the post' email. Could have done with this on Friday then I wouldn't have gotten my court bundles done! Ooooh I need another coffee
  22. Well doing the court bundle was a waste of time, as I received an email last night (that'll be Monday night) offering me the full amount as full and final settlement and without liability etc etc. So of course I sent an email back saying yes I will have some of that thank you. And have spent the rest of the night getting slightly piffed on a bottle of wine! I winned I winned
  23. Update so far, have phoned Cobbetts a couple of times to try and settle, but all they can say is that it has been passed back to Natwest for direction. Sent an email last week with a final offer on settling before court, but didn't hear anything back, which has annoyed me as I did ask who they want the court bundle addressing to.... all I got was a 'such and such is dealing with your case and will revert to you' So have spent a happy couple of hours doing my court bundle this am, have two copies all done, but have run out of paper, one going off the Cobbetts tomorrow, the other one going upto court on Tuesday, and then we are only 2 weeks away from the hearing.
  24. If this is the story that I think it is, then I know the guy that killed himself, he was a member of another forum (nothing to do with debt and money), it was a retty rough time for all of us, first he went missing, then the news came through that he was dead. No one had any idea what was going on with him, and it came as a real shock to us all. Made all the more painful when his wife came onto the forum to thank us all for the support etc. Not nice to hear of it happening.
  25. Hey well done on the promotion hun, wishing you every good luck in your new job! nice one chuckles
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