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  1. WON WON WON YES YES YES. Full ammount in less than 60 days why cant they all be like this mistie
  2. is that mods talking about the users of this site dave???? please dont edit as i would like a reply mistie:p
  3. mistie

    Final word

    oh pmsl, dont forget dave i have been in chat when you have been swearing, so removing peeps from chat that use the same language as you isnt fair mistie:p
  4. ok for little blonde me what can be read by mods??????is it all chat rooms including private????and pm's where needed????im getting confused.mistie
  5. So what your trying to say is chat PM's could be read but wasnt,(just by the one person) mistie:p
  6. Thanks Dave, for pointing out the other chat room, i do think most peeps have found it by now. mistie:p
  7. re::: trouble makers, I am sure most of the people that used chat wasn't trouble makers, one person was nearly at their 1000 post for this site. To me that person has put alot of effort and time into making posts. It is a shame this chatroom to be closed, after all most people went into it to help or have fun in off topic. Lets stop blaming the people that used chat on a daily basis, and get back to claiming our charges back mistie:p
  8. hello lisa, i have just got my statments back from studio, what a mess if yours are the same you really need to check them. they do pay up very easy i believe, so good luck. mistie:p
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