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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi Guys & Girls, is anybody able to point me in the direction of any solid evidence that a managed loan has a detrimental effect on your credit score? 5 years ago I could pretty much get credit anywhere, I had a personal loan with HSBC but had mistakenly set the term too low and the payments were too expensive, I contacted them to arrange getting them reduced and they offered me a managed loan, they explained that I couldn't take out payment insurance on it and that they'd cancel my switch card, I told them I wanted to keep my switch card and they said that was fine. 6 months later I wanted to move my mobile contract to a different provider but I was mysteriously declined as I didnt pass their credit check, I then went back to my original provider and the same thing happened, I was in fact declined by every provider. A few years later I applied for a credit card, I was declined, by everybody, even that shower that charge something like 40% interest. Since the managed loan was taken out I've not been able to get any sort of credit, something I had no idea would happen when I agreed to the original loan, I contacted HSBC about this and put the question to them and they've denied that the managed loan would have any affect on my credit rating, I've never missed a payment and I've never been overdrawn, I've also paid for a couple of credit reports in the last few years and they appear to be clean apart from the managed loan. I'm looking to go for a mortgage at some point but at the moment I feel it'd be futile until this managed loan disappears from my credit report which will be another 3 years + the 6 years from settlement. I'm perfectly happy to pay off the loan as agreed with HSBC but I need some kind of concrete evidence of it's effect on my credit worthiness, if I can find this I'll happily fight HSBC tooth and nail to get it's details removed. Many thanks
  3. Hi there, I'm hoping somebody might be able to give me a bit of advice on a situation I'm in that I need to get resolved. We own our own house and the next door neighbours house is owned by the Housing Executive, recently the local Housing Executive decided to modernise most of their houses which involved knocking down concrete sheds, fully refitting the inside of the houses and building an extension to the kitchen, fair enough, I don't begrudge anybody decent living conditions but the problems started as soon as the builders arrived. I'll keep this brief and to the point. We have a shared alleyway which is joined to our driveway, the builders have dug up half of the concrete so they can drive a dumper truck up and down the alleyway causing problems with access to and from our back garden, can't get the wheely bins out etc. They keep driving an immense JCB up onto our drive and have caused substantial damage to it, it wasn't built to hold that much weight repeatedly and now the front step and entire driveway needs completely re-concreting. They have knocked a large hole in to our wall when trying to remove a small metal peg that held the washing line up. They have damaged the wall (scraped most of the plastering off the foot of the wall and lots of paint from the rest) with their dumper scraping it continually. They reversed their JCB into my car which now looks to be a write off, will know for definate tomorrow but based on the details I gave the bodyshop they don't think the builders third party insurer (Quinn bloody direct ..) will pay for a repair. It also took me nearly half an hour of arguing and threats of getting the police to get them to give me their insurance details They've continally caked the car the cement dust where they've not bothered damping their concrete cutting equipment with water. When I asked them to move their JCB so I could get my son to the baby sitter both me and wife were verbally abused in the street by the builders foreman. They repeatedly block my car in the drive and have now taken to coning off most of the street so nobody can park on it (most of the houses are privately owned and there's normally quite a few people that park in front of their own houses as there are no garages or driveways, we cut away most of our garden to facilitate our car) They've knocked our garden wall with a mini-excavator and appear to have damaged it quite substantially. The list goes on an on, we've contacted the person at the Housing Executive who deals with the refurbishments to their houses and we've been told that the builders will fix the damage when they're done with the refurbishment work (probably in around 5 months time). To me this is unacceptable and I wondered if I'm within my rights to demand either they fix their damage within a set period of time or employ my own builder to fix the damage properly and sue them for the cost, assuming they have public liability insurance, would I approach their insurance company directly or have to (unfortunately) deal with the building company directly. Thanks for reading.
  4. I did get mine removed, it's all a bit vague but I sent them a letter back telling them it wasn't a signed copy of the original default notice and within a few weeks received a letter back saying that they'd removed them, nothing about not being able to find the original copies though. I think it was pure good luck that swang it.
  5. I've had a response from Natwest this morning and they've attached a (and I quote) "Transcript of default notice", which is not actually a transcript of a default notice and doesn't have any details relating to me on it (i.e. no name, no a/c no, no amount defaulted, no date, no signature, nothing). Do I send them another request for the signed copy of the original and count the time from when the first letter was received towards the 30 days?
  6. Hi there, I eventually had all my charges refunded by Natwest but at the time I neglected to ask them to remove the default notice, which was only added due to the penalty charges which I had refunded (and have since paid off the account with). I never received a copy of this default notice and only spotted it when checking my credit file @ Experian. I've since rang Natwest who say that the payment they made wasn't a refund of the charges as they still consider them lawful and that they won't remove the default notice, they then ended with "if you don't like it, take us to court". Question is, can I take them to court? What process is involved? (any help is greatly appreciated).
  7. Can anyone help me out? I've had the standard letter back now from Stuart Higley saying that they're not going to refund my charges so I'm going to proceed with the whole county court bit, however, I'm based in Northern Ireland so I can't use Moneyclaim, do I just print out the form from the NI courts service web site, fill it in with the text found in the library, pay the fee and that's it? There's a few things I'm concerned about, 1) Am I likely to lose if NI law differs from the mainland; 2) I can't make head nor tail of the fees on the courts web site for NI, does anyone know? I want to knock this on the head as soon as possible so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Ok, I've FINALLY got all my statements through and worked out that I'm owed £765 (not including the 8% interest which I gather is only added if you have to make a court claim), I've used the letter template to ask for it back but I'm not sure who the best person to send it to is, from what I gather Stuart Higley is the one who normally replies and tells you to sling your hook. Anyone know the address? Credit Management services told me to send the original S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to them but then claimed a month later that the delay was caused by me sending it to them and not to retail regulatory risk :S so I'm anxious to avoid giving Nat West any excuse to delay matters any further.
  9. You're a genius! Yes they did end in October 2002. Thanks for that.
  10. Idiots! Received the statements this morning and they've only sent 18 months worth to me dating from 21st March 2001 to October 2002.
  11. I've spoken to Joyce Tudor on a number of occasions and it strikes me that she's far better at apologising and making excuses than she is actually getting things done, she's also claimed that once the request was made to the service centre to process the statements that she was unable to tell how long it would take.
  12. SAR was sent mid-June, recorded delivery, still haven't received any contact from Natwest even though they've confirmed it was received. The £10 cheque still hasn't been cashed and I've chased them up several times over the phone. It's got to the stage now where I've sent out the template letter regarding the non-actioning of the SAR and wondered if someone could give me some concise advice on what I need to do when the 7 day's are up? Many thanks.
  13. Interesting read here regarding feduciary relationships, especially the bit about the fiduciary not being allowed to profit from the relationship, it's from wikipedia so don't take it as gospel. Fiduciary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. Phone this number, 0131 626 1117, it's the department that deals with the SAR requests. Ask them what the score is, also file a complaint with the Information Commissioner (if you give the DPA helpline a ring they'll point you to the right forms to fill in and give you an email address to send them back to). If you don't get any joy (like I haven't) you might have to take them to court to get them to comply, whatever you do don't accept any excuses like "Oh we're snowed under as we have so many SAR's to process" as they're irrelevant, they have 40 day's from the receipt of your initial request, full stop, no arguments.
  15. Another update, still no correspondance from Nat West, their response "We've ordered the statements, they're supposed to posted out from a service centre, we're not sure what else to do". If they think I'm going to drop this or that I might be unwilling to take them to court they're seriously mistaken, going to get the ball rolling today.
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