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  1. hi im helping my sister out with a small matter regarding bank of scotland. i have a finance loan with them for when i purchased my car. i have recently split from my ex partner who now has a new property with his new girlfreind. i have got a bit behind with the payments due to financial problems but my complaint is that my ex came to pick the kids up on saturady only to have a letter from BOS aying that i owe them £600 and if this is not paid in 7 days they will take the car back, which not bothered about but thats not the point the sent the letter to his address for him and his girlfriend with my personal details on and information regarding the debt. i have called them today to ask why this has been done first they told me that dvla changed the details but why would they when the log book is for my address and then they advised that i had called in the 28th of may and changed this which i hadnt. also a couple of months ago my bank lloyds tsb also sent a bank statement to his address again with all my faniancial details and also bank details is there any thing i can do about this i am planning on sending a letter of complaint but wanted to know if there is anything that they are breeching by doing this
  2. what happens then will we all get our money back if it rules in ofts favour or will the debate continue beyond that
  3. yeah mine is also just short of 5 grand the banks will probably be loving this making us all wait i just live in hope that they end up having to pay everybody all there money back
  4. i agree received a letter from the courts few days ago telling me that the case will be on hold now until the test case has been heard. also got a similar letter from the bank
  5. yeah so ive heard trust me to have one of the most difficult banks. dont know how they can even begin to think that they can justify their charges £35 for returning something then £8 a day and the a further £25 each month how could anyone believ it costs this much to return a cheque or dd. i might try and contact them but like you say probably get ignored anyway
  6. do you think i shouldcontact the court as i have heard absolutley nothing from them. one of my mates who is claiming has also heard that with this test case goingon somepeople are contacting their banks direct and some are settling or making decent offers. wether this is true or not i dont know. on one of the other threads i ve been following from lloyds they had a court date and called lloyds direct and they settled in full over the phone intrest costs and extra maybe worth a try
  7. cheers just been reading on abbey website and it say it could take upto a yearand also that banks maybe able to put claims on hold until resolved do you mean that they no longer bother with the AQ
  8. hi not been on for a while jost got married 2 weeks ago been very busy nothing seems to be happening with my claim the last i have heard is about 2-3 weeks ago the bank sent a defence to the court saying they were defending all the claim and a copy of there defence a week later i got the same thing from the court with a letter saying that there were 2 options but but ii thought the next step would be the AQ but i have not heard anything no having seen the news and read the paper about this test are all claims going to be put on hold until this has been done anybodys help please getting quite stressed out with this it will be just my luck that they'll decide no one can have any more charges back
  9. still not heard anything just a letter from yb stating that from now on thier solicitors will be sending all correspondence just so i have it reight they have 28 days from day of service which is 5 days from date of issue 30th may the date of service is 5th june so that would make it the 3rd of july they have till when this is do i do nothing and just wait to hear form the court
  10. cheers it is a bit scarey when you lookat the actual claim form and you are claiming against a bank
  11. Got letter from court saying that the have acknowledged my claim and they are allowed 28 days what happens now
  12. do i need to pm a mod with details of my claim if so who
  13. just received a letter from yb solicitors saying that they are not willing to refund charges and offer £200 in full and final settlement attached an acceptance form what do i do with this obviously im not accepting just them to court today as not had the money before now should i just not reply yo this letter and continue with court
  14. what about the daily charge does it sound right
  15. hi again took your advice and nearly finished but something has bothered me my toatlcalim including the 8% interest is £4841.94,with the costs of £120 total claim would be £4961.94 if i add interest which i work out to be 86p per day please correct me if i am wrong!!!(not sure i have calculated corect as i am not claiming any overdraft interest) if the bank doesnt settle within about 40 days then my claim may go above the 5 grand threshold for the small claims what would i do then
  16. with the mcol can i just copy the particulars of claim from this site and just change to my details
  17. have done i 'll start doing the mcol if i need help i'll let you know, probably will what will happen know when i file my claim how long have the bank got and what normally happens
  18. ok i've done a new scheduleof charges as you have said above do i just send that to the bank now and then take them to court
  19. i did set out the charges and how much they were but i dont think i put the individual dates on, just what the charges were and how much. i'm not to sure maybe iwould just be better doing another one but then what do i do do i send a further copy to the bank and then do my MCOL?
  20. Also As Weel I Have Sent A Schedule Of Charges With My Prelim Letter To The Bank But It Was Not In The Set Up Of The One On This Site I Was Unable To Access The Template As Pc Wasnt Working Properly At The Time. I Have Just Looked At It Now And Mine Was Similar But Not As Detailed As The Template. Does This Make A Difference What The Schedukeof Charges Looked Like As The Bank Has Had A Schedule Of Charges And I Can Work The Interest Out Of The Template I Would Rather Be Sure Now Than It Be To Late To Remidy This When Claim Has Been Logged
  21. hi been a long time been going along with the process now has come the time to take court action i need help please can someone help me through the process of doing the mcol as im not sure where to start thanks
  22. sent prelim letter on wedsnesday just checked and it has been delivered today just a matter of playing the waitng game now again
  23. got statements on staurday wow couldnt belive how many i was just expecting a spreadsheet with details of charges on them but i have received 6 yrs of full statements i ve worked out they owe me £4067 cant wait to take the [edit] to court [edit]
  24. ok cheers still not had a reply from them
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