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  1. Ok guys and gals down to the wire now about to submit my court bundle any advice would be appreciated.
  2. That the charges are extortionate but are encouraged to make more money and to disuade customers from claiming back any of their bank charges or to make things more awkward by withholding the information required. Really getting fed up with this and thinking of looking for a new job as I do not know how much more of the behind the counter chat that I can put up with without opening my mouth. Makes me sick to my stomach. You guys thinking of persueing a claim go for it because these people are ripping you off and laughing at you at the same time believe me I have heard them.
  3. Thanks Lula Really appreciate you support and all the other support that I have had. Will send the letter and keep you all updated on my progress. The thing that I dislike the most is that I actually supply a service to these banks as part of my employment. Let me be more specifcate. I repair printers fax machines and copiers. A lot of my work is performed in the banking financial sector. Believe me these guys relish in putting pressure on people and ripping them off wheather selling Insurance mortgage policies or putting pressure on people that cannot pay. It is like an office game to them. The staff at the banks ACTUALLY KNOW ?
  4. Hi there thanks for the advice. I have received a defence from Abbey. As far as the strike out letter the problem is that I do not have a contact name at Nottingham County court. The letter merely says that they have dispensed with the AQ and that proceedings will now be administered at the Nottingham court.
  5. Hi all Got a letter from the court to say I do not need to fill in an AQ and to also tell me that my claim had been transferred to my local Nottingham County Court. What do I do now just wait for the court to write to me?
  6. Inspiring story for a newbie like me. Just got to the defence stage and waiting for the AQ. Still got a bit of road to tred but your story has made me realise that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Many congrats and thank you for sharing your story. Good luck and all the best Jim.
  7. Standard reply Go to the next step and send them your LBA using the website templates. You have everything to gain
  8. HI ALL got a copy of Abbeys standard defence letter over 2 weeks ago. Can anyone tell me how long it takes for the court to send an AQ?
  9. The accounts are current they are sending me statements and if telephoning for arrears.
  10. Thanks Sent the correct SAR over 40 Days ago guess I will have to take things a step further now.
  11. Hi there Requested Statements from HBOS on three seperate credit card accounts. They have cashed my cheques and sent a reply sayning that they are unable to process my request as they have Insufficient details? I telephoned them and they said that they could not find my account Information for 3 accounts. Now the Question. If they are saying that they cannot find my account information do I need to pay any more money to them in respect of my debt?
  12. That is exactly what I did Jason Will let you know what happens as things unfold regards Jim.
  13. Hi there Iam at the same stage as you. I have received a copy of thier defence and am awaiting the Court Allocation form. In the meantime Abbey sent me £893 as a goodwill gesture. I have written to them stating that this is not satisfactory and I will be claiming the full amount. I have also given them chance to pay up in full and avoid court. I believe that I can win this case and so should you. They have taken your money and deceived you. Get it back it belongs to you and not them. No bank has gone to court as yet they are just posuring in the hope that you back down. Don't let the beggers grind you down.
  14. Hi Jason do not worry. I would highlight the charges on your bank statements photocopy them and send the copies to Abbey. Also send a letter saying that you wish to claim all these charges back. Use one of the stock teplate letters from this site. Read the Faqs and follow the tried and tested proceedure. You should not lose if you follow the advice offered by members of the action group and the information contained on this site
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