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  1. Hi i was overdrawn in one of my accounts with halifax, i recieved one letter dated 10/7/2009 just informing me i was overdraw, in my other halifax account i receive mt child tax credit & child benefit, today looking on line i noticed £126.00 transfered out of my account leaving me with nothing, rang halifax who informed me they transferred to other account in debt, asked why they did not notify me they stated they sent 4 letters to which i havent ever received, im more determined now to get my bank charges & close both accounts, can i claim for the money they transferred out to, i was overdrawn because they charged me for direct debits that didnt go out
  2. i recently changed my bank account as i was fed up with halifax refusing to give me a current account even tho ive been with them 10 years anyway changed all my direct debits to new account but still utility companies tried taking the money out of the halifax account that no longer has money going in, now been charged a number of times so my account is overdrawn by £138.46, i received a letter from halifax saying i need to pay into my account the monies owing by 24th july. i cant afford to pay that im left with £100 out my wages to live on for the whole month, what can i do can i write a letter stating they owe me money from previous charges im not paying it (have recently put in a claim for bank charges 2nd time round) what do i do i cant afford to pay that, the utility companies refuse to refund me for the bank charges they caused.
  3. thanks have sent letter requesting payment along with shedule of charges today by recorded delivery x
  4. hi this will be the 2nd time i reclaim my charges from halifax, i have all my statements already & wondering if im right in sending a letter requesting payment & shedule of charges xx
  5. hi this will be the 2nd time i reclaim my charges from halifax, i have all my statements already & wondering if im right in sending a letter requesting payment & shedule of charges xx
  6. hi today i received a letter dated 09/03/09 saying i have failed to settle the outstanding balance or enter into a repayment plan & that their client has instructed them to either arrange a home visit or start legal proceedings, not once have they acknowledged the fact the they received my letter dated the 24/02/09 ( posted recorded delivery) stating i have no knowledge of the debt & that no further contact be made unless they can provide evidence as to my liability of the debt in question. is there a letter i can send to point out the fact that they have completely ignored my letter?????
  7. thanks i'll do the letter now & post it, do you recommend recorded delivery
  8. thanks i will, so if i dont sign the letter do i just write my name ??????????
  9. today i recieve a letter from red, telling me that lowell portfolio l ltd have appointed them to recover outstanding monies for 3G mobile. apparantly i last paid them a sum of £131.93 on 5/1/2007 & owe now £212.51. i previously had a 3 account, which went to moorcroft debt collectors in which i paid them off on the 21/7/2008 i have had no other accounts with 3 & do not understand wher they got this information from & why now over 2 years have they decided i owe them money i have checked by bank accounts to clarify to myself that i paid off my account but also checked to see if i did pay them a sum of £131.93 which they tell me i did but guess what because i didnt have another account i didnt pay any money to them ive been reading through about this red debt collection & wonder if its advisable for me to request all my details & the "account" i appantly owe money too. help
  10. it's a private landlord tenancy started 16/5/05 havent signed a new tenancy since i have been there & i think it's a assured shorthold tenancy but will have to dig it out. And yes im in england xxx
  11. Hi just a quick question really, i fled my house due to domestic violence and have now been made homless due to a arson attack on my rented property, which now needs to be gutted and renovated, can my landlord keep my deposit????
  12. thank you so much everybody, i'm so pleased, just waiting now for all my money:D
  13. Good news everyone!!! today i received a letter from halifax saying they cannot defend my claim and will be paying me the full amount of £4,222.80:) within the next 5 days now i'm going to be keeping a watchful i on my bank account, what a great way to wake up :) thank you to everyone who has helped me.
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