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  1. I keep trying to post the relevant urls but this silly 5 posts before one can include urls keep stopping me for including the vital urls. Making a challenge Parking FAQ's
  2. In the past month or so, groups of men with power washers have been going around every street in Hammersmith & Fulham removing the second white line at each end of parking bays that were not individually segmented into single bays. Will post the relevant links shortly as I cannot post URLs until I have posted 5 posts. Parking FAQ's So if a bay has no lines marking individual bays for each car AND it has double white lines at the end of the Bay, then I think it is illegally marked and then this means that every ticket ever issued in these bays and every tow away (@£261 ) are illegally issued and the money should be refunded. Not only this, any councillor, council employee, or agent for the council who was aware of this illegality in ticket issuing, if they were aware of this, are liable to a Not many people are aware that if a Council, the Council Members and/or its Officers know or knew their regimes or signing was defective, yet they were enforced and people were fined, those involved may have, or maybe now committing an offence of malfeasance or misfeasance in public office. To us that is called misconduct in public office. The Crown Prosecution Service define this a Misconduct in Public Office, their website provides a definition of that offence which, when complete, should lead to a prosecution. Have a look at this link.Copy and past it into your browser. Parking FAQ's So Hammersmith & Fulham secretly removing these second lines does not excuse them from (a) refunding the people they have illegally charged and towed, and (b) they may have committed the offense of misfeasance or malfeasance for which they can be prosecuted. Also Have a look at this link as well to challenge a penalty. There are many ways to get your penalty cancelled due to incorrect marking, sineage or both. If it has happened it Hammersmith and Fulham then it has no doubt happened elsewhere. So fight for justice and don't just lie down and accept the icompetent rubbish these council officers and traffic wardens tell you. WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK!!!!!! HAMMERSMITH AND FULHAM COUNCIL YOU OWE US MILLIONS OF POUNDS REFUNDS!
  3. I have heard from Amex that (in their words) they will be making settlement in full but have not had a cheque yet. They gave me the usual "oh it doesn't apply to us" letter and then I went thru moneyline and made an online claim and now they seem to have capitulated. Will advise when and if a cheque comes through.
  4. Can anyone advise if I can reclaim penlties applied to me for late payments of my monthly repayments of my car finance. Everytime I am late they charge me £ 35.00. I have written to them and they say the credit card/bank argument does not apply to them.
  5. Hi I cannot find any reference to anyone trying to reclaim LATE PAYMENT penalty charges from American Express on a Charge card (i.e. not a credit card) but one that had to be paid off in full at the end of each month. Over 6 years this was nearly £ 4,000.00. Should I pursue a claim against this as their charges were never standard and appeared to be just what they thought they could get away with at any time.
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