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  1. hi just got replay from coop that they have payed 180 pounds of 600 climbed as a result of my letter asking for refund of charges. Is it worthy to pursue further action to climb full amount? If so what would be next step please? Thanks
  2. How come my previous post of my video got deleted? Nothing wrong with my video legally speaking. RIght?
  3. Hi, Am not sure what to do now. I've won my case against natwest. But Coop keeps sending letters I dont understand. So far the story is: 0. I have been charged over £600 in penalties for going over my AC balance. 1. Preliminary approach letter sent on 03.06.09 2. LETTER BEFORE ACTION sent on 16.6.2009 3. N1 form handed in county court on 13.07.09 (since then I have encored more charges for not having money in my account.) 4. Letter to Financial Ombudsman Services sent and got replay 8.5.2010 5. Received 1 letter from coop till today: "The FO
  4. Hi, is it too late to clim back the charges coop charges me for going over agreed limit on my account? They charge from £20 to £30 pounds. Can i still do the N1 form and the whole process? thanks
  5. ok Send the LBA today. wonder if they gonna go all the way or fold... hehe. the more time the more money they loose! gees
  6. Hi, got charged about £500 on my debit card. Filed standard procedure of of reclimbing bank charges. 1. preliminary approach for repayment with schedule of charges. - letter send on 4th. Yesterday got some generic replay letter that "Banks intend to apply to house of lord to seek permission to appeal against judgemnt on fairness on the issue of recliming bank charges." "We can assure you that onece the legal proceedings are complete, we will resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. If at this stage you do not agree with our conclusions you will of course be able to re
  7. hi, Took my N1 in to local court 2 weeks back. Today got this Notice of Issue. Which box do i tick there? a. The defendant has not filed an admission or defence to my claim or an application to contest the court's jurisdication. b. The defendant admits that all the money is owed. 1. I accept the denfendant's proposal for payment. 2. The defendant has not made an y proposal for payment. 3. I do not accept the defendants proposal for payment. ============ They offered me £170. I want the full £324. So which boxes to tick please. And what to look
  8. Many thanks for this tip and the very helpful rejecting offer letter templates. Just filled one out and send it! So waiting for 10 days. How shallow of them to make so much trubble over £324! Gee! love and light Arek
  9. Just received letter from abbey. "I'm sorry you are unhappy with the charges and I undersand you would like those rfunded. Although the charges were correct, as a gesture of goodwill, I am happy to refund £170. ...." and blah blah blah about if I don't like it can complain. The original amount was for £324! What should I do next? The N1 is ready already filled. Please advice. Should I just take it to local court the N1 or write them some letter before that telling that am going to court if they don't refund full charges? Kind regards Arek
  10. But others tell me that I can claim solicitors fees, for my effort. So I will add £9.25 p/h for my work + £7 per letter.
  11. At the end of page 2, where it says sign it and delte as appropriate (claimant)(Litigation friend) (Claimant's solicitor) Which one do I delete if am the climant and charging solicitors fees? Kind regards Arek
  12. The 3 copies of N1 and 3 copies of shedule of charges are to be send to: 1 copy to court, 1 copy to bank and keep one copy for my self? Is that right?
  13. Great help. Please anwser the following: 1. If am not paying a solicitor but representing my self. Should I not be paying my self for all trubble of handling this case? If so how much should I pay may slef? ANy guidlines here please? 2. At the bottom of the N1 first page it says? "The court office at________________" What to put there? 3. at the top of the N1 says "In the ___________________________" what to put here? 4. The 3 copies of N1 and 3 copies of shedule of charges are to be send to: 1 copy to court, 1 copy to bank and keep one copy for my self? Is that right?
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