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  1. I had a claim for paint damage to a carpet and was insured with CIS they paid the claim but not the full costof the carpet. I think you should take your complaint to the Ombudsman and then to court. I had a visit from cummingham lindsley they tell lies. I suggest you dump CIS as your insuers.
  2. I took a complaint to the FOS about an insurance company. I made an insrance claim for water damage to my home for £2500 and the insurance company rejected the claim and did not pay one penny. I contacted the FOS to deal with the complaint and they told the insurance to pay all of the claim. The only problem was the amount of time it took which was 4 months. Hope this helps.
  3. Hello, I have a complaint against co-op insurance and their loss adjusters. They are refusing to pay out for water damage to walls inside my house, should I take the complaint to the financial ombusman service? Will they side with the Insurance company? Thanks Dooley
  4. Hello, The PO BOX address for AOL in Bristol is being sent to Carphone warehouse head office in London the address is : Jackie O' Leary Head Office Carphone Warehouse 1 Portal Way London W3 6RS I think the e-mail for Jackie O' Leary is [email protected] and her PA is Alan Albrecht The tele number for the head office is 0208 896 5000 and ask to be connected to Jackie O' Leary or Alan Albrecht Hope this helps Dooley
  5. Hello, I need some advice. My bike was stolen from outside my local tesco while I was shopping. I need to know if I can make a claim against tesco to recover the cost of my bike from tesco. Thanks Dooley
  6. Hello, I need some advice. I have a case against LTSB for bank charges and have applied for a warrant in my case. I have also asked LTSB to remove alldefault notices places on credit record. They have refused to remove all default notices all of them are because of bank charges. What can I do if they continue to refuse to remove the default notices? Can I also claim compo because I have had to borrow money at a higher interest rate because of the default notices. Should I settle this case without the removal of the default notices. Thanks Dooley
  7. dooley35


    Hello, I have a judgement against LTSB to pay the amount claimed £900 by 7th August they did not pay. I have applied for a warrant to send in the bailiffs to the head office of LTSB. Have LTSB continued to settle cases? Will they try and get the judgment set aside? Will they pay? Will they try and get a stay on the case? Do I send in the bailiffs? Thanks Dooley
  8. dooley35


    Hello, I need help. I have just been given judgment against LTSB can I still continue with my case, or do I have to wait for the test case to conclude. Thanks Dooley
  9. Hello, I have an order from the court that LTSB must send a copy of their amended defence by 26th june to the court and to me. I have received nothing so far. If they do not comply with the order do I win or can they appeal and drag it out for another 6 months? The order says if they do not comply the defence will be thrown out. They were supposed to get the amended defence to the court by 15th may but failed to do so and have been given a second chance. Thanks Dooley
  10. Hello, I have just read on the BBC website that Lloyds have won a second case, this time in lancaster against rudd v LTSB. Berwick will not appeal the case he lost. It looks like the T&Cs are an important part of winning your case. In the Berwick case a QC has suggested the lack of T&C played a part in the judgement against him. I need to get hold of T&C for an account opened in1995. When it was still Just TSB before the tsb merged with Lloyds. Can I get these under a SAR from Lloyds. If I cannot produce the T&C will my chances of victory be zero. Do I need to get T&C for a credit card claim? Thanks Dooley
  11. Hello bb, I had my own experience with BCW for 3 years. I would not let them force you into giving them information such as bank details. When I requested my CCA they did not write any more letters or phone calls, and sent file back to bank. You should report them to your Trading Standards and the OFT. Use the advice you can get here to fight back. If you get any letters from other DCA's do the same CCA request. Good Luck Dooley
  12. Hello, where can I find a list of cases LTSb have lost over the credit card charges. I have a court date the judge has asked me to produce these. I need to find them fast. I have to put my bundel in to the court in a week. Thanks Dooley
  13. Hello, I have a date in august. I need a copy of the orton letter. Can anyone post a copy here? I have now read the orton letter. Why should I include this in my court bundle? Is it because Orton claims that they are recouping their costs , and it dose not cost them £30? I need advice I am doing my bundel now. I have to have it in to the court by 19th June. Thanks Dooley
  14. I had a problem with BCW. I sent a letter with a CCA request that was the last I have every heard from them. Good luck Dooley
  15. hello, I am claiming back all the charges in the small claims court. I expect to get a court date within the few weeks, but if i do not win I need to get the default notices removed from my credit record. This is the secord debt agency LTSB have passed this debt to. The first was BCW they passed it back to LTSB. Thanks Dooley
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