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  1. Had an update at the weekend which is good news.A&L wrote to me saying they would like me to repay the money again but understood my concerns about bank charges and until the test case is heard with the banks and the OFT they are willing to put it on hold until the outcome is decided. Good news! but to be honest,I never had any intention to repay anything that I dont owe.But at least its a worry off my mind!
  2. Hi, I opened an account with A&L in July 2008 and deposited £2500 and kept it in there for a few months and withdrew £2480 in Nov 2008. I have found out in the last couple of weeks that because funding in my account was under £100 I have been charged £10 per month since oct for not having enough money in my account and now im overdrawn they have been charging me £25 a month for the past 2 months and £5 per day for going under the £100 funding that I shoudl have in my account! Bearing in mind that I was £20 in creidt,THEY have made me overdrawn. I called and stated the above and was to
  3. CAnt find my original thread but thought Id post to express my thanks to everyone with their support and assistance. I sent the first letter claiming £1990 some weeks ago now and heard nothing. 14 days later I sent the final letter and again heard nothing. Now to be honest I didnt do anything for a few weeks as I was on holiday and up to my neck in work so didnt get the time to complete the form on mcol but low and behold, I got the nicest letter from them the other day saying they will pay out £1858 which to be honest suits me fine! I know that some people have ha d alot of worries and probl
  4. thanks again for your help. ok here goes...ill carry on filling out mcol and let you know any updates
  5. you wouldnt think there was any legal glitch with them saying they ahvent received any prior notice of this claim then?
  6. ok...problem encountered. Ive been away for a while and got back today thinking I would have either 1-a nice big cheque on my doormat or 2- a reply from HSBC, but Ive actualy got 3- nothing! I was going to start the mcol and process for tomorrow but I have realised in my stupidity after reading someone elses thread that I have not sent my prelim letter and LBA by recorded delievery. Is this a problem or should I send the LBA again by recored delievery again giving them a further 14 days? HELP!
  7. thats realy helpful,thanks..ill use that and get started next week.
  8. thanks for your help guys.... i havent claimed any intrest and as you say VT,i am hoping they dont reply as I am indeed intending to claim the 8% when it goes to court. However, i am at work all weekend and dont have the luxury of eating eggs and hot x buns like you lot! lol . Ill make a start on MCOl on tuesday though . Thanks again
  9. I have been reading posts on this site for a while now and a few weeks ago took the plunge and I sent my first letter to HSBC on 14th March and heard nothing. I have sent the LBA letter on Thursday 5/4/07.I know I should allow 14 days for them to resond to this but with it being easter and bank holidays should I give them a few more days to allow for the days the post to catch up or just continue with the next step after 14 days? I have sent my letters to the address on the back of the letters they send to me which is 8 canada sq,london. Is this right or should I go to a different address? A
  10. blimey, im on the vicar of dibley forum now! Right, letters being sent tomorrow, thanks
  11. thanks for your replys....i read the inspiring thread on honeygie's experience which gives me the confidence to take the plunge! As im ever the optomist, i was wondering what your thoughts are on the worse case scinareo should everythign gp wrong. Will I just have to pay the court costs ? Will I have to pay for their defence as well? Will i have my mortgage revoked (it is with the hsbc also) Will I be asked to pay my overdraft back immediatley? Or is it a simple case of hanging on in there and ignoring their intimidating tactics of filing a defence etc? Jimmylove x
  12. Im about to submit my letter to HSBC after totaling up the charges that have been appied to me. They are calling them 'arrangement fees' on my statement. I have for the past 6 months been going approx £100 over my overdraft limit each month and the reason for this being is because they charge me £125 each month for going overdrawn!! (Jan 07 was £150 for some reason?) Am I still entitled to claim this money back as as far as I can see it is an overdraft charge rather than an arrangement fee. Am I right? thanks in advance
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