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  1. Hi. I have just had a depressing and frustrating conversation with Barclays. I was married on Saturday and some of the arrangements had to be changed at the last minute so I wanted to ensure I didn't go illegally overdrawn by contacting the bank first as we have all been advised to do and arranging a temp overdraft. I explained the situation to the lady on the phone who looked at my account and said I had not been pre-authorised for an overdraft. I could apply for one but as I had not been pre-authorised I would not get it and my credit score would be affected. I said to her that I was trying to sort this before there was a problem as we had been advised to do by all the bank hierarchy on TV that have crawled out of the woodwork over the court cases (not in those words). She confirmed I was not currently overdrawn, that my account appeared to have been running smoothly but that there was nothing she could do and she could not change 'the system'. I could apply later when my credit score was better (ie when I no longer need assistance). However, if I did find myself racking up high charges I could phone them again and ask for help. What is the point? I tried to talk to them before it becomes an issue, as we have been advised to do, and its the same message over again; 'we aren't interested until you are in the dwang and racking up charges'. I am so frustrated having tried to do the right thing, I am now totally fed up. Sorry to winge but isn't this what we are fighting these faceless 'systems' for? All the Best. Makalu
  2. Makalu

    Makalu v HSBC

    Thats great, thank you
  3. Hi I had a Laura Ashley card through GE Capital. CL Finance are now holding this account. Do I write to them requesting statements or GE Capital? Many thanks Makalu
  4. Makalu

    Makalu v HSBC

    Hi Ok starting my own thread. I am pretty much in the same situation as cbrundle. HSBC have made me an offer of the full amount, but had no intention of filing paperwork etc. The court date is 10th July 2007. Can I write back to them and add costs? Because they have not filed their bundle have I won anyway or will it backfire? Makalu
  5. Makalu

    CC v HSBC

    Hi It is our court date. Received an offer today, though short of the full amount. Can I go back to them with added expenses, carefully shown on a signed letter, to be settled within 7 days? I guess what I am saying is can they now not go to court because they have not filed and if so I can get back court fees etc? Many thanks Makalu
  6. Makalu

    CC v HSBC

    Hi there I have a court date with HSBC for 10th July. I have sent everything in (never ending bundle etc, etc). They have missed their deadline and I sent them a non compliance letter. 7 days for that is up tomorrow. Does this mean that the court will automatically rule in my favour as I have filed everything on time and they have not bothered? Have I "Won?" A bit confused as I thought that they would not be able to file their papers now and therefore have no defence. Many thanks Makalu
  7. Hi I have a Laura Ashley account with GE Capital that I want to claim against. Does anyone know if I contact them (and does anyone know the contact details?) or do I go through CL Finance who now have the debt, (again address would be great). Many thanks Makalu
  8. Thats a fair point; thanks for your comments. Regards Makalu
  9. OK thanks John. Just seen a few posts looking for information where the Banks use certain wording and thought it might be useful. Regards Makalu
  10. Hi GaryH. I have been reading your comments and I am dealing with HSBC and LloydsTSB at the moment. I have a letter from DG Solicitors acting for HSBC that uses the word charge 3 times. It is a stalling letter asking for information they already have yet again but it says "we require an itemised list of the date of the charge, description of the charge and value of the charge.....". Is this relevant as it doesn't mention fees at all and my understanding is that the Bank's defence is based on them levying fees for a service and not charges? Regards Makalu
  11. Thanks, it certainly was no surprise to receive it. However, I would be interested to hear from anyone regarding this use of the word charge. If its important, that would be great, especially if there are lots of these letters kicking around! Regards Makalu
  12. Hi Folks. Just had a letter for DG Solicitors which may have a slip up in it and say's the following: "Our client has passed to us the Claim Form which you have issued detailed above. In order that we may investigate your claim with our client we shall be pleased if you provide us with a fully itemised breakdown of the amount claimed within your Claim Form. In this repect, and by way of example of the information we are seeking, we require an itemised list of the date of the charge, description of the charge and value of the charge together with a note of the interest, if any, you have claimed. At this juncture we are unable to address your claim without the information sought and which will serve to delay any potential resolution of this matter." We have sent the bank the spreadsheet from this website on 3 separate occasions now and my understanding of the above is that the CAG spreadsheet gives all the information they require; so two things strike me immediately; 1. This is obviously a stalling tactic again as the bank have the informaion already. Though I also understand that, as we have a court date, this will not delay proceedings, I will forward yet another copy. 2. At 3 separate points in that letter they refer to 'Charges' not 'fees'. Is this significant in view of the banks defence being that they levy fees for service provided and not charges? If so, would a copy of this letter be useful to the forum for other claimants? Keeping the faith Makalu
  13. Thanks for your replies everyone. I'll stick with it and it may well be worth a branch visit next week. Best wishes to all. Makalu
  14. Hi Folks. We are at the Court stage with HSBC and just need a confidence booster as they have managed to drag this out incredibly well. We have today received a letter from the court stating that the case has been allocated to the small claims track (about £2700) and will be heard 10 Jul (why so flaming far away!!??) Each party needs to deliver documentation 14 days before and we need to pay another £100 fee by the 14 May or the case will be struck out. So here are the questions? At what stage are HSBC likely to throw in the towel? Can we increase our claim to ensure these additional charges are covered? What are they likely to do if they are so set on not actually appearing in court if they offer less beforehand and we say "bugger off, you have deliberatley messed us about so see you there"? The last one is unlikely I admit; once you take the frustration out you have to be sensible in terms of accepting the offer and then use the new template for claiming charges back when the bank had no intention of defending. Sorry to rant; getting wound up by these and LloydsTSB who are handbagging for Britain at the moment!! Thanks Makalu
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