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  1. thanks pinky ive done that letter to them so thats it !!! will just wait +see :lol:
  2. lf they do finally send it , how do l stand as the the time to do it has lapsed , ??
  3. re ppi the fos had already dealt with it once so yes l did write to them again in feb 09 and had a letter from oc saying have adv dca to reduce it and will send £200 comp to me as per fos for all the hassle:lol: that was on 5 may .. had letter from dca 15 may STILL with ppi on and STILL no cheque from oc but yes l agree ill leave things alone be interesting if they finally send it ......... hope it matches MY copy of the original that l already have:lol::lol:
  4. Hi just a quick Q have cca,d both 2/4/09 dca trying to get it from oc ...oc has not even answered ..dispute letter sent to both 24/4/09 ... dca still trying to get it [should,nt they have it as they own the debt ??] oc not a peep still is there another letter l need to send ??? cant find one in library that seems to be suitable just to say this debt was sold on to dca dec08 whilst in dispute over ppi reduction still not done from aug 08 fos involved oc agreed to do this asap just had letter from dca with full amount owed showing ppi still on dca have a/c on hold since cca letter sent GOD WHAT A MESS
  5. symi

    dodgy letter from egg ??

    me thinks its playtime, ... yippeee xx
  6. l wondered about the 6 yrs thingy , l thought it was only if you had no contact in the last 6 yrs it was stat b ...... so thats great news :grin: lve already had kays catalogue confirm by letter that the are not persuing a debt for £198 after a cca req , l know its still u/s on my credit file but thats shot to pieces anyway so no sweat there:-D will get letter off tomorrow just read the stat b pop up on our posts ... it does say that 6 yrs from acknowledgement of debt so that ssems to not apply to me ???? x
  7. symi

    dodgy letter from egg ??

    l love you thanks hun xx just a thought , the 12+2 has passed already + they,ve hasd a dispute letter as well , so do l still write + give em 12 more days [cos im a nice person ] or tell em to go scratch ?
  8. l have a p/loan with lloyds [before tsb !] must be approx 16 or 17yrs old :D roughly 3k this was passed on to a dca AIC , god knows when ,never had a NOA then had a letter fron them offering me a settlement offer in early 08 ,then again in aug 08, on each occasion l could not do that + adv them so , still been paying them a small amount via cccs since feb 2007 l cca,d lloyds and A I C +sent £1 p/o on 2/4/09 on 7/4 had a reply from lloyds saying they could not credit that account ??? with the £1 as they did not handle it still nothing back from AIC sent dispute letter on/5/5/09 still nothing ....:-? whats the next step pse ??
  9. hi all l cca, d egg on 2/4/09 no response so dispute letter sent on 28/4/09 got a " recieved your complaint letter" on 3/5/09 then got a "your credit agreement req " letter on 15/4/09 saying to proceed with my req l need to re-submit my req with a valid signature:grin: or id as follows : bank or b/soc or cc statement not to do with egg OR store card or catalogue statement , or utility bill this must b orig not copy dated in last 3mths show full name or initial +surname + current address they were not that picky to prove who l was when l made payments shall l ignore or comply YOU DECIDE !!!
  10. that link you gave has made me feel a lot better thanks hun xx
  11. had,nt thought about that .... tyring to sell my home anyway so thats great advice thanks
  12. l just cant get my head around the fact that l dont have to pay them anything if they have no cca ... just goes against my morals l suppose ! lve been defaulted on all but 2 of them [1 have 9 creditors in all ] so my credit rating went down the swanny long ago so lt really dont bother me anymore just think im going to open a can of worms and have loads of phone calls or visits cant cope with all of that again ....just lost my job through the stress of the last 3 yrs just need to be told its going to be ok l suppose
  13. l have cca,d all my creditors , sent dispute letters to those who were late replying [ most of them !!] thing is , all this has coincided with me now having to offer a £1 token payment to them all [happy to pay them even without a cca so not being seen to be unreasonable ] as now unemployed and cccs cannot help me no more have done a I+E and offer and sent to all.... now will they think lm completly stupid by contradicting myself by cca them and then offering money ?? :-?
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