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  1. No prize for you Kia! You left the door open and I got back in!
  2. :whoo:All I can say is, it was a REALLY good party!
  3. Not me! Not guilty! So, unless it's ICY, there is only one suspect left ~ I think she has a bucket full of them she was trying to get rid of! And I'll be getting UK what I got him last year and the year before and the year before that............................................................ ~ nothing! Just hope I haven't spoiled the surprise!
  4. :lol:Those wurthers had sticking power Kia ~ you just need to take your shoes off! Mind you, being in here is a bit like being stuck in a revolving door - you can see where you want to go, you just need to make a run for it!
  5. :sad:They said it wouldn't last...... It just goes to show that we were the ones with staying power! ~ Or nothing else better to do!
  6. That is sad! I remember when this thread was full of wit and daftness! Now it's a bit like a well used road - full of bumps!
  7. Where are you Kia? ~ we don't usually get this far without one of us popping in to say...... Here's a page 2 bump........ bumpity bumpity bump!
  8. Ooohhhh! We've slipped onto the bottom again! Lets see if this little nudge gets us back on the top again!
  9. CF, the techniques needed no perfecting, you just needed to relax a bit more..... And, if you'd stopped wriggling about so much we could've loosened the restraints.
  10. it's ready Kia! We just need something to entice him in - hairy werthers might do the trick :wink:And make sure you know where the key is - so we can lock him in until he gives in to our persuasion techniques!
  11. A little bump here and there is much better than "Sayin' nowt" UK!
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