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  1. This topic was closed on 11 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. It is a for a secured loan BUT the house it was secured on was reposessed in 2006. They are trying to just get as much as they can now I guess.
  3. maybe you could apply for it and find out I even hate to think that anyone would dare work for these muppets.
  4. I am thinking more like 0pennies per £1. I have paid more than the money they loaned me plus a good interest rate to them already Am i the only letter who have received the letter already for a discount (not that I intent paying it) I love the part that say "our dedicated staff will be able to take payment as quickly and easily as possible" I bet they do and are real experts at this esp now with this news
  5. How Did They Secure The Loan - I really dont know as I have no paperwork and they didnt send me any details of the legal charge as per my access request Were You Given A 14 Day Cooling Off Period - NO Did You Sign The Secured Agreement At Home Or At A Welcome Office - not sure but my guts tells me it was at home as I was really depressed at the time and welcome finance were really the last on my mind since it was about a month before repossession Did They Send You A Pre Contract Agreement - A Definate NO Did Welcome Contact You In Those 14 Days - they just got a signature
  6. I received my subject of access today and I am feeling really down about it all and that welcome really cheated me when I was most vulnerable. All I thought was the last agreemnent I had with welcome was in april 2005 and today I received I creadit agreement I signed on the 19th of September 2006 (a month before my house was repossed). I have no recollection of ever signing this agreement but the signature is mine and this is what must have happened. I was being pestered the hell by welcome and they were coming to my house all the time and I am sure I was cohersed into signing this at one
  7. I had a basic account with natwest and due to charges, natwest claimed I owed them about £400 sometime last year. I told them this was unfair as these were basically charges. I tried reclaiming and they buffed me off and I didnt persue it and they registered a default for me on Jan 09. How do I go about contesting these and get this default removed from my credit file esp in regard of the recent court ruling?
  8. Today I have received my PPI Schedule from Direct Group and here is the scan I did PPI Schedule from Direct Group picture by welscamsherry - Photobucket There were other documents but they are just the small print terms and conditions I am wondering if anyone can look at them and see if there is something odd. I did notice the welcome lifecare is for 60moths yet the loan was for 120 months Also the monthy repayment is listed as £230.53. This was the amount I was paying for the whole loan not the PPI, shouldnt it list only the amount of premium I pay for this insurance.
  9. Thank you again Postggj Will post back when I hear from them. I really appreciate your help
  10. I know this may not be the course of action suitable for all but seriously sometimes to let go and get repossessed from SPML can be the most SANE thing to do... I fought with them as much as I could and eventually got round to the fact that letting go was probably the best thing around mid October 2006. It was tough coming to that decision but I felt such a relief and then I had to deal with the buggers at my local council who didnt want to hear...The fact I had a child and repossession letter did not move them a bit. I still wasnt a priority, I would only become a priority on the day of
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