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  1. Always some T**T who think's he's being clever on some forum. Firsty, it is NONE of your business as to the minutiae of any case that is on here--unless the poster tells you all the details. Secondly, READ the ****ing post----I did say the occupier was receiving part benefit through HEALTH reasons---and unless I specified otherwise, DON'T ASSUME--OK? I was asking for a very specific reason----which I certainly won't divulge here on this forum. So DON'T try to be a smart arse--because it's not smart for one thing--and it's a little childish. As regards the other replies...thank you all.....they were RELEVANT to the post.
  2. No, in fact the visitor has enough only for her own food while she stays there...the money provided to her by her relatives in Ireland. So she cannot pay any rent/ housekeeping out of nothing. How long a sustained period with what length of time between visits, is the difference between being a "lodger" and a "visitor?. And, yes, I am very grateful for everyone's time and effort in responding--and my "does everyone work for the councils"...quip was not meant to be taken as a serious question.
  3. Wow! Do you all work for councils? She is not receiving any benefit's from anyone and goes back to Ireland every few months. She supports herself through her own family, who send money now and again. Maybe my friends dog, cat and budgie should start paying rent--after all, they are PERMANENT residents. If she ware receiving any kind of state benefit or was a permanent resident, i would agree with you all---however, she is just a friend who visits. Better watch out for any visitors you may have, people----those snoops may get carried away!
  4. Well, my friend's friend has a home in Ireland, which she visits periodically. She is not claiming ANY benefits from the state, therefore saving them money.....and as far as I am aware, there is no requirement to claim benefits if the person chooses not to.
  5. Yes..they THINK that, but as I say, she is NOT residing there and has signed no contract of any kind. She is a friend who stays over sometimes and goes back to Ireland every now and again. As far as I know, there is no requirement for a person to claim any benefits. My friend has tried to explain this to the council, but it seems they don't WANT to listen. If you have any type of response that my friend can send to the council, via letter, it would be appreciated. At the moment, all her communications by telephone etc seem to fall on deaf ears. Many thanks for your reply.
  6. Hi, I am writing on behalf of a friend of mime, who has a problematic issue regarding rent. In a nutshell, this is the story: My friend is unemployed and is living alone in a housing association flat ( has been for many years), and is receiving benefits...some for a health issue. She has her rent paid by the council....BUT, she has a friend from overseas who is living there also. The friend is NOT claiming any benefits, but did have a small income from a home based job until a few months ago. That has now stopped. The friend comes and goes over to Ireland every now and again, so is not a permanent resident in the one bed flat. However, the council (who knew about the job she had before), insist she has to pay towards the rent, or my friend will have her housing benefit cut by a large percentage. Now, my friend has told the council all the above and asked HOW she can pay or NEEDS to pay having no income at all and is just a friend visiting for periods. The council have asked for the bank statements of my friend's friend, and proof that she is no longer working at the home based job. Does the council have any right to ask for this? also, do they have any right to demand that a visitor (although a long term one, periodically) pays towards the rent WITHOUT HER HAVING AN INCOME?. The flat is a housing association property and not a council dwelling. Any advice would be gratefully received, as this is rather urgent. Many thanks in advance.
  7. I have sent three letters to Vanquis by recorded delivery....giving them 10 days to reply each time. These have been template letters...and the 2nd one was not replied to. I then sent 3rd and final letter, and am stlll waiting their reply---10 days is nearly up. If, after 10 days, I get no reply, then they would have entered into a tacit agreement. Meaning they have agreed that I owe nothing. Beware though, I have been getting phone calls and letters from IMPACT COLLECTION SERVICES They are a debt collection outfit....under the trading name of Vanquis Bank! If you get letters from them, treat them as another debt collection agency, and start from the beginning with them---send the first of three letters. Template letters can be found on this site.
  8. Thanks locutus, I do use them too and they are very useful.
  9. Hi Dave882, I wouldnt worry about BT at all. As I say in my post, I cancelled my account because of false information that they gave me and not giving me time to pay off an outstanding balance ( 2 weeks they gave me--after I had been with them for over 25 yrs!)!. As far as I am concerned, they left me with no choice but to leave them----because they broke their contract with me--by giving me false/ wrong information, therefore leaving me having to pay more than I should have. I recommend going to the site GETOUTOFDEBTFREE ( I have to ut it like that--because I cant post links). Follow the procedure there in sending up to three letters to BT..and any debt collector if necessary. Put the onus on them to prove their case...... As regards debt collectors like Moorcroft etc...I have absolutely no fear of them. They are third party interlopers who usually buy debts from companies who know they have no chance of winning. They will use all sorts of fear tactics.....but dont be out off by them! Your 'debt' was with BT---not anyone else. Don't do any business over the phone, only by post.....and recorded delivery. Anyway, thses are just some tips----go to the website I mentioned and you will find great advice. As of this moment, I have not heard from BT for many months ( or their debt collectors)....and I 'owe' £200+. I am with Virgin Media now, and have a Virgin line.....I have received calls recently from BT asking if I would like to join them!!!
  10. Thanks Paul, I now use Tesco International Calling card. It is very easy to use, no hidden fees, you know exactly how much you pay and can buy the cards from Tesco stores or purchase via debit card. Rates are extremely good and are on a par with Reliance..ie to phone Singapore mobile from landline is about 2p per min...Phillippines is 13p. I am with Virgin Media and I can use the 0800 access number without being charged by Virgin.
  11. Thanks a lot locutus. I will certainly follow your advice if I decide to cancel the contract. Many thanks.
  12. Thanks for your reply, locutus. I have a bad credit record as it is, therefore I would not be concerned about the 6 yr rule etc. I would say the fact that they have apologised for giving me conflicting and erroneous information proves that they have agreed that they not adhered to their own rules. I was given false information regarding connection fees before and after I joined them. I was cut off without warning ---then told afterwards about a credit limit that I have. I was not aware of this--despite them saying they sent a letter out (not received). Neither did I get an e-mail warning or telephone call. They also said that it showed my credit limit on their website under my account. I checked---and it did not. It only appeared a few days ago on line---days after I was cut off. Whoever I speak to at Virgin Media on the phone, I always get conflicting information. It was the same with TalkTalk---which is why I left them. Thanks for your reply though--I did not know about CISAS.
  13. Hi, I used to have BT(phone only) for many years. Because of poor service and overcharging, as you have experienced---I cancelled my contract with them. I still owed them nearly £200---but, in my opinion, they broke their contract with me by giving me false and conflicting information, overcharging me etc. They tried to get the money back by using debt collectors---but I had a contract with BT--not anyone else. This was over a year ago---and I have not heard anything from them for about 7 months. What is good for the goose, as they say. Stick to your guns.
  14. Hi, This is about Telephone calling cards. I am with Virgin Media (Broadband and phone), but I wish to use a telephone calling card to make International calls. The card I wish to use is Tesco's. Basically, what I want to know is : DO VIRGIN MEDIA CHARGE A CONNECTION FEE WHEN I USE THAT CARD? Or, indeed, do they charge anything else? I WOULD USE THE 0800 ACCESS NUMBER ON THE CALLING CARD. I am asking if people have any experience of this with Virgin Media, as I dont trust Virgins advice and information. Many thanks.
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