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  1. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Monty2007. The government would be looking at losing a lot of Corporation Tax if the banks lost this case. you can bet your bottom dollar that whatever judge is appointed, someone will be having a word in his shell-like at his club. And even if they can't find the right words to clear the banks this time, it will go to appeal - another year later. Cynical - moi?
  2. Hi Tiger900 If this is over 6 years old and no acknowledgement or payment has been made within the last 6 years then just send a letter to Lowell quoting the Limitations Act 1980 and would they kindly go forth and multiply. I'm sure there is a template on this site somewhere - if not just dig around a bit - oh and don't forget to put in any letter " I do not acknowledge any debt to your company or its associates" Just spotted link - use letter M http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/20758-creditors-dcas-letter-templates.html
  3. Hi Rich, Seems you have excellent advice with Laiste and tomterm onboard. I would however ask to speak to the Court Manager about their refusal to provide you with a copy of their application. If the Court Manager refuses to speak to you then insist on making an official complaint. As Laiste mentioned you need to see what is in their application notice before the judge makes a decision. I will keep following your thread with interest
  4. mmmmmm "DCA director's arrested for demanding money with menaces" Wouldn't that be a headline to savour! Stranger things have happened.
  5. And if they do send you an agreement, post it here to get it checked for compliance. They have a habit of sending out copies of application forms and pretending that this complies with CCA request. The best move you have made so far is contacting CAG. Don't rush things and do what Vampyra suggests. Keep your thread updated and many will help
  6. sorry if I misread original post. I thought that a default had already been registered before Lowell bought the debt. However, Lowells seem to think they are a law unto themselves with regards your information. They will maintain that they were entitled to provide info to CRA's as payment by you was an admission that debt existed. I would still ask for copy of agreement as without this you don't know what you have agreed to. Others more knowledgable than me may have additional advice - they'll be along soon
  7. Hi Ladidi, I believe that some DCA's and CC companies will mark your record as partially satisfied when you agree f &f. They should have explained this to you when you were negotiating with them. This would not affect the date that the default was registered though and should be the same as before. It will stay on your record for 6 years unless you challenge it. Have you gone through the motions of checking the account for charges, true agreement etc? I would ask for a copy of your agreement (£1 fee) to check whether they have a right to record anything at all under the terms &am
  8. Without doubt, you should follow Funnyman's advice. By not ensuring that there was a Court Order entitling the bailiffs to remove the property then the police have assisted in a criminal act of theft. As such they would themselves become a party to any action to recovery of your property. Hang in there - it may take some time but you will get things sorted out.
  9. And..........? You've probably been busy Uniboy but if you get the chance to update the outcome, I'm sure many would appreciate it Some of these threads can get addictive - its like the Saturday morning movies - having to wait till the next episode to find out if the hero survives
  10. PriorityOne - Can I have one of your badges too:)
  11. Well said Laiste I'll cancel the EDIT competition. And it's nice to know that IP's are logged;)
  12. hi evelyn, reading this and your other thread, have you SAR'd cap one yet? I would definitely put this account "into dispute" with both lowells (for no agreement) and cap one (for unlawful charges) which will at least give you extra ammunition should they issue court claim without warning (unlikely given amount). As far as I am aware, there is nothing in the CCA 1974 that specifically prevents having a combined application form and credit agreement. However, all the prescribed terms must be present for it to be a valid agreement. Without these it is just an application form. Look at some
  13. hi 1970 Providing you have acknowledged claim within 14 days as suggested earlier then you have 28 days from date of service to file your defence. I would simply file on day 27 asking for documentation as per tomterm8's post with leave to enter further defence if they produce documents. I think then would be a better time to introduce unlawful charges argument in full as you don't know yet if agreement etc.(if produced) will comply with CCA 1974. Some judges like it kept simple - one stage at a time If incorrect or no documents produced you could then apply for claim to be struck out
  14. Hi Maud 26 I've also had DCA file with MCOL - (it seems they didn't appreciate a visit from Mr Plod but that's another story). First thing when you get over the shock (and many people are shocked by Court papers), is not to panic. Log on to MCOL and acknowledge claim using option 1. with 14 days of Date of Service. The Date of Service will show up when you log on but it usually is 5 days from when they posted the claim out to you. When you've done this you will have 28 days from DOS to file your defence. Send off the CCA requests in the mean time. Depending on what you get ba
  15. excellent news keren - wonder if Citi are going to amend their standard letter and quote your case amongst the "twelve" that they famously say they have won.........NOT:D Also has Brian has taken to stuffing a book down his trousers now that his a**e has been kicked a few times:)
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