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  1. Lattie Thanks for the reply, the partics did fit which is why it was all a bit bunched together. Have taken your advise and gone for the N1 will pm you it when It is done Cheers Mark
  2. Dont know where those sad faces come from
  3. Hi Laterus Thanks for the particulars LBA deadline up and mcol filled in. Could you just have a look at my particulars :o before I submit and see what you think, had to group things together to fit within the allowed limits. Court Cheers Mark
  4. Hi all Still no statements off MBNA, but a response to my cca request. All they have sent me is a print out of my original application form. Is this correct or was I supposed to recieve something different? and if so what are my options now. The 12 working day period is up on the 16th March Hope your having a great time Lady.
  5. Hi Just recieved my statements this moring with my cheque returned stating that they have provided statements free of charge as a GOGW,and going through them I have had £673 in late payment and overlimit fees whIch I take I can claim for. I also have some fees called "creditor insurance premium" can these also be added? Also they state in their letter that if I require full disclosure then I am to fill in the form they have sent and return it with my cheque. Funny because I thought that was what I requestd in the DPA letter. What shall I do, fill form in and wait for full disclosure to arrive, or just wait for the 40 days to pass ( of which there are 10 left) then inform them they have failed to provide the information required under the DPA Cheers Mark
  6. Hi all LBA deadline up on monday, I have registered with MCOL and started filling in the form but there seems to be so many particulars of claims around, shall i just cut and paste the one jonni2bad posted and adjust my personal details to suit my claim? Cheers
  7. Afternoon all CCA letter posted first class recorded delivery 9am today. will wait and see what happens, now, am I right in thinking then that they cannot issue a default against me if the account is in dispute? and what if they cannot provide the requested CCA?
  8. Hiya and thanks It will be in the post office on my way back from school run
  9. Morning Could someone please clarify at what point is the account is classed as being in dispute? Cornucopia you can sound like my mother as much as you want always willing to heed good advice. Mark
  10. Hi Cheers for the prompt reply, phoned mbna and they have recieved my letter and are sorting it out, she quoted the DPA even though the letter i sent made no mention of it but she said i would recieve them within the 40 day deadline. Have printed the cca off and will be posting it as soon as i get a postal order in the morning. Cheers Mark
  11. Hello all Having put it off while I am in the process of claiming off HSBC and MBNA, have got sick of phone calls from DCA acting for AMEX, (called AIC),anyone else had dealings with these? So I have just sent CCA to AIC and DPA to AMEX. Will wait to see what happens and keep you posted. Mark
  12. Hi Well no reply as of yet to my polite letter I sent on the 8th and have just recieved a phone call from a clare someone r other say pay up by 4pm tommorrow or the debt will be sold on to a debt collecting agency who will call at my house to recover the outstanding balance. I take it that I need to send a cca request and a DPA request to MBNA, or shall I send a DPA to MBNA and wait for the debt agency to get in touch then send them a CCA request. Any help will be aappreciated Mark
  13. Hi All Well I sent the LBA first thing monday morning (19th feb) recorded delivery, with revised spreadsheets. This morning got a letter from our old friend Colin in response to my prelim letter, asking for a full breakdown of the charges I am claiming. Have I done something wrong? as I did include s/s's with full breakdowns of date, amount and description of cost with the prelim letter. Anyway LBA has been recieved so I guess I will just sit tight for a week then start looking at the MCOL (already registered) Mark
  14. missed the post office will have to wait till monday morning now for recorded delivery. got some more DPA's to send anyway
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