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  1. be aware that that in most cases, if you accept this as a part settlement, it will be withdrawn and you'll have to go to the courts for the whole lot. you don't get to keep the part settlement while you fight for the rest!!
  2. well, I've had a result...of sorts. I started this back in february I think and followed all the instructions. Some of you may have read another thread (going to try a different approach) where I sent a letter saying basically, let's reach a compromise and asked then to pay 95% of the charges and I wouldn't take them to court. I was all ready to file the N1 etc, but then had an EXPENSIVE month (why do bills always turn up at once??) so I delayed until the end of this month to file the N1 and, on friday they responded..offering me a compromise... instead of the usual 75%, they offered me 85% so..total claim was about £1900, I asked for £1800 (95%), usual offer would have been £1400 (75%), they offered me £1600. Which I think I'm going to accept. I know that if I went the court route I would get it all plus the interest but to be perfectly honest...the money would really come in handy right now!!...really!! Just like to thank everyone here for their help and advice. Donation to this site will be forthcoming as soon as I receive the cash. Good luck to everyone and thanks again
  3. Thanks SN, I've prepared it all and everything is now ready to submit, BUT....bit broke this month so will have to wait another couple of weeks...not a good situation because every day in delay is longer they have my money...but when you have bills to pay etc, these must come first.
  4. is nobody claiming for their own costs then?
  5. Hi SN, can I ask a question. I'm just preparing my N1 as it will be going in at the end of this week as I've heard nothing from the W and I doubt they'll be accepting my offer anyway. I'll be almost copying and pasting yours from above, but where do you get the bit with the maximum to not exceed £1,679.91 a maximum total of £4,183.20 ?? not sure where this 'maximum' comes from? thanks for any advice EDIT...sorry..I found it...but I have another question...as these figures change between now and the court case, will that have any bearing on these 'maximums' ?? and how do I calculate the daily rate of interest? the contractual rate on my spreadsheet shows as being 11.35 or 0.45 for statutory, but this is very different from what you are claiming
  6. I seem to remember reading a thread somewhere but I can't find it again.... I'm about to start filling in my N1 as I very much doubt that the Woolwich are going to accept my 'offer'. There's approx £2200 in charges £500 in contractual interest OR £130 in statutory interest incase the judge decides I can't have the contractual £130 in court costs and how much should I put down for my own costs, bearing in mind the amount of research time etc I've had to put in? anyone have any idea of what would be reasonable? many thanks
  7. well, if they say no to 1800 then they will end up having to give me £2200 charges £500ish in interest (contractual interest) £costs - court costs plus something for my time, just haven't worked out how much yet..any ideas? so, let's just say £3000...and I will laugh my tits off when I remind them how much they could have settled for.
  8. well, I'm waiting until about this time next week and then starting the court claim.
  9. Have just finished 'tailoring' my letter, but I'm a little unsure as to exactly where to send it. To date I've sent all my letters (SAR, prelim and LBA) to the bexleyheath address. The last letter I recevied from the Woolwich came from Clacton. I understand that for the court claim I should use the Churchill Place, London address, but for ordinary letters should I stick with bexleyheath or go to Clacton? thanks
  10. DO NOT PANIC!!! this is what the banks are hoping for This site has hundreds of people to support you, and the more you read through other peoples stories the more confidence you will gain and the more you will understand of what the process involves. It's a step by step process and each step is simple if you follw the advice given by people here. Just take a deep breath, grab a cold beer in the garden and relax. then have a read through the threads on here and see how simple it really is.
  11. hey folks, I'm thinking about trying a new tact. I've sent my LBA and should be beginning court proceedings at the end of this month...but...I've been thinking about sending this....(not sure about the wording yet..need to play with it a bit)...what do people think? Many thanks for your letter of 16th April 2007 in reply to my letter advising of impending court action to recover blah blah blah Your letter indicates that you aim to resolve this matter by 15th May 2007. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I stated that had I not received repayment in full of the unlawful charges that had been applied to my account within 14 days of you receiving my letter (indicated by Royal Mail as being received by yourselves on 12/4/07), I would proceed with Court Action to recover the charges. I am sure that court action is something we would both like to avoid and so I am prepared to offer a compromise. The current schedule of charges that I am claiming (to end of April 2007) amounts to £2041.50. Interest and costs would push this figure to £2296.21. I am prepared to settle for 90% of the original claim which amounts to £1837.35, thus offering you a saving of £458.94. As per my previous letter advising of court action proceeding 14 days after your receipt of my letter, I aim to begin such action on 27th April 2007. I will allow you seven days from receiving this letter to consider my offer. then finish it off somehow.... Just thought it gives them a way of geting out of court action but with the added incentive of saving them a bit of cash. plus I get repaid a bit earlier...can't hurt to try right? comments??
  12. I'm amazed at just how long the banks are dragging this out. for every day that they delay it must be costing them thousands in interest, staff charges, legal bills etc. my LBA went out 5th April and today I received another 'standard letter'..we are sorry about your dissatisfaction etc etc, we aim to resolve by 15th May (yeah right...you've got until 21st April before I start court actions mate!!) so far everything I have received from them has been at the last possible moment. and just for that, I think I'm going to go down the contractual interest route.....just to be bloody minded!!
  13. I'm currently in the process of claiming back over £2K in bank charges from the Woolwich. I think I opened my woolwich account in 2000 after the nationwide closed my account with them for being too far in debt (several hundred pounds mostly due to bank charges...I seem to remember being charged over £300 in one month once!!) So I'm interested in seeing if anyone has successfully gotten past the six year limit. esp as a) I'm talking about going back some 11-12 years and b) the account with them was closed 7 years ago
  14. I've started it, 8/02/07 SAR Letter Sent 9/03/07 List of charges Received (£1920.50) 16/3/07 First Letter Sent 4/4/07 LBA Letter Sent so another 14ish days to wait and then file my claim with the courts
  15. I had also considered the contractual interest route but hadn't seen anyone in this forum that had tried it yet. Be interested to see what happens on yours
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