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  1. thanks i check everyday !!! i'll let you know when it arrives
  2. thanks i need it to mot my car so i've been checking every day !!!!
  3. N1 Filed at court and letter received saying that cap one replied to the court on 23rd march advising that they are to defend - no other news as yet but heres hoping something good soon !!!!
  4. Hi everyone I have filed my N1 at court and got a reply saying that cap one are to defend this was filed on 23rd March - I have claimed from Nationwide before this. No news as yet but waiting - will keep you posted !!!
  5. good luck - keep us posted. I'm at the stage where i have received a letter from court telling me that cap one are to defend the claim - i claimed money back from nationwide too
  6. it was the difference between all the charges at £20 reduced to £12 - thanks
  7. I got an offer letter this morning was planing to file claim at court Monday - would you recommend sending a letter to decline the offer or just continue with the action ? ?
  8. thanks I'll be off to the court next week then !!!
  9. Hi there everyone I have already been through the process once with nationwide and won !!! but having sent the prelim and lba letter to crap one they have replied with a letter saying they are to investgage the charges and this could take up to 4 weeks !!! They have until 7th March until I can file claim with the court should i just go ahead anyway ?????
  10. just read this thread I received a letter to say that they are to defend my claim on sat 3/2 wasn't sure what to expect next but feel better after reading this !!!! great to see that you got nearly all your cash back Roen !!!
  11. me too i was very worried about the fact that they are to defend the claim but once i found this site i wasn't so bothered - good luck !!!!!
  12. nationwide have said that they will defend my claim too - I received the court papers on sat - will keep you posted on what happens i worked for the nationwide for nearly ten years !!!
  13. not yet no i just got the court papers to say that they are to defend the case - i'll keep you posted tho ! thanks for the reply
  14. hi everyone I have been reading the forum all morning as i received court details this morning to say that nationwide are defending my claim - i have seen quite a few cases on here where Nationwide have just paid up after this - any support or advice would be welcome !!! I will keep everyone posted will be interesting as i used to be an employee too
  15. I got my notice of issue on wednesday and have received acknowledgement of service saying that Nationwide intend to defend the claim for £985 - any support or advice would be good
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