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  1. much appreciated micheal used your longer version of the poc's and included the amended amount of claim. received a letter from the courts informing me that barclays had been ordered to submit a new defence to the amended claim by 10th of april. tried to contact their legal department by phone and speak to the lady whom i had recieved a letter from however nobody at barclays seemed to have the correct phone number and i was passed from pillar to postfor 30 mins b4 being given the number for an automated service that said " there is noone available to take your call". does anyone have the number for barclays legal department at their head office in london
  2. thanks micheal much appreciated,between yourself and the lady at the court i spoke to hopefully i should have some success now.wont count my chickens just yet though will keep you posted. thanks again
  3. having trouble accessing hmcs website so cant give exact wording but was something along the lines of "over the last six years barclays have made numerous charges to my current account i believe these charges to be unlawful and seek to claim them back" should i have been more specific
  4. well here we are again.unfortunately i may have been to honest and tryed to have the amount amended and have received a letter this morning saying that the original amount stands as "the statement of case discloses inadequate particulars of claim". the letter also says "unless by 4pm on 26 march 07 the claimant files a further statement of case that sets out full particulars of the claim, the claim will be struck out. what do i do? do i send a copy of the list of charges to the court or do i need to do more? please help
  5. i have just been checking my statement of charges ready for my court bundle and it would appear i have guffed slightly and entered 1 charge twice by mistake. i have revised this using the calculator on the martin lewis website which has obviously recalculated the interest as well.having removed the extra charge and with the additional interest there is a difference of about £5 in barclays favour should i inform the courts of this and include it in bundle or should i leave it as is.
  6. thanks for link. apologies was under impression i had stuck to the thread i originally posted
  7. barclays now have less than a week to enter a defence, as i would like to be prepared could anyone tell me what i would need to put in my court bundle. any advice appreciated. by the way sandbag congrats noticed barclays settled
  8. lets hope that its the same for us then sandbag good luck with ya claim will keep ya posted
  9. i have just received a letter from the courts informing me that barclays will defend the case i have started is this the norm and will it make it to court does anyone know of any cases against barclays and what are my chances:-x
  10. does it usually make it to court or are they bluffing
  11. i have just received the response pack from the courts informing me that barclays will defend the case. is this the norm, when will i receive the allocation forms and has anyone had any success with claims against barclays.
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