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  1. Hi everyone Just thought I'd let you know that today I received a large cheque from Abbey in respect of refunded bank charges for the past six years. This has been quite a sticky one for me. For a start I could not get Abbey to give me my bank details for the last six years so eventually went ahead with an estimated total of £5000. Abbey flatly ignored most of my letters, sent the stock defence to the court and only contacted me last week. I am due to go to court on Wednesday 27 June. The phone conversation was interesting. The female lawyer I spoke to said that Abbey were 'confused' about my charges as they had totted them up and they only came to £1,000. On this basis, I was asked, how much would I be prepared to accept? I told them I wouldn't comment until I'd seen the bank details myself, which duly arrived two days later and actually came to £4,600. If I had been less careful I could have been tricked into accepting only £1,000. So beware. Even at that late stage Abbey were prepared to resort to any means to reduce the payoff. Good luck everyone. Truth
  2. Hi I have a court date with Abbey for 27 June. Today I biked over my Court Bundle to Abbey and the court. My question is: On the court form I am instructed to provide all documentation 14 days before the court date, i.e. 13 June. Tomorrow. What happens if Abbey do not do send me their documentation by tomorrow? Please, someone tell me that I win by default. There's a pint in it for you.
  3. No I haven't rung the course. I didn't anticipate that it would take this long. I'd better get my arse in gear.
  4. Hi Nick Actually I'm getting a little concerned. I still haven't received a court date since filling in the aq. Cheers
  5. Hi Deb Fantastic news. Really pleased for you. Enjoy a good dinner and a good bottle of wine.
  6. Thanks BP I'll check him out. Truth42
  7. Hi there I'd like to know who the CEO of Abbey is because I intend to call him or her as a witness when I receive my court date. Any help would be appreciated. Truth42
  8. Yes, I've received and returned my AQ. That's all at the moment.
  9. Thanks Mate. Much appreciated. How's it going with you? Any developments?
  10. Hi Mad Nick I received my court AQ recently. Can you please tell me if I'm supposed to send my court bundle with this? Thanks Truth42
  11. Hi Sam Recived my Notice Of Transfer of Proceedings the other day. Can you tell me if I am supposed to send the court bundle back with this form? Thanks Truth42
  12. Good luck Sam, I'll be watching your progress. Truth42
  13. Good man! Interesting I got no GOGW with my defence letter. Maybe they like you more than I. Truth42
  14. Hi Mad Nick We seem to be at roughly the same situation with Abbey. Suggest we keep close contact and compare notes as often as possible. It's interesting: I, too, have received letters from Marc Winder. If he exists, I guess that he'd dealing with a lot of these bank charges cases. When I received my 11-point defence letter yesterday morning I was – for a nanosecond or so – feeling quite intimidated by the turn of events. Not any more. Let's get the b*****ds. One thing that could stop me being successful is that my claim is estimated and I've now realised that I failed to mention this in the wording of my claim. I'm prepared too go to court and tell them that the reason I estimated my claim is that Abbey failed to respond to seven written requests for details of bank charges for the last seven years. I intend to ask them to supply details of my charges to the court. If it only come to, say, £3500, I'm then willing to lose the case and make a separate claim for the new sum. At least I'll know for sure what they've charged me. Good luck and keep in touch!!
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