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  1. Nope its cleared and in there. I was waiting until it was in there before writing to the court. Yep, they paid in full, worth all the work!
  2. Hiya, I got my money through YEY!!! Is there a template to tell the court that the matter has been settled out of court? Ive had a scan through nd I cant see anything? Thanks Jodie
  3. Thank you soooooo much everyone! (smileys arent working but Im sooooo happppyyy!)Ill put £50 down, you never know, going to get that to the PO now. Its two wins really for HSBC as my next door neighbour is on the same timescale and Ive been helping her do hers and she has also just received an offer for the full amount.Oh and her hubby recieved an offer for the full amount 3 days ago, he's with Barclays but our court date was the same for all of us.
  4. Ahh brilliant, what shall I put about the amount to keep my mouth shut?? PM me if like, I havent got a clue though? Thank you so much for your help, and thank if you can find the link about the Wasted Costs order. Yehhhh Im so happy, it wont sink in until I have it though, Im going to havwe to add to the letter that I will proceed to court if not recieved by the 25th... just to make sure! Jodie
  5. Ive won I won Ive won!!!!! My god Im glad its over!!!!!!!!!! Full amount, cant say how much, well I havent signed the clause of confidentiality yet!!! On that subject, do I have to agreed to that bit? Mainly, I am still going to carry on with the court date on 25th until I have my money, can I claim these wasted costs claim?? I spent hours preparing my court bundle, countless nights sat reserching on here what I needed... does anyone know if its worth going for or am I just being greedy????
  6. How does this sound?? Ammended 'nudging letter' I have submitted my Witness Statement and supporting evidence as per the Judges General Direction for today’s date. I have been informed you have not yet submitted your court bundle, only your original defence used in the Notice of Transfer of Proceedings. If I do not receive a copy of your Witness Statement and supporting evidence I will be proceeding to apply for your defence to be struck out. I am mindful of the vast number of claims with which you are currently dealing. In order to more speedily resolve this matter, I am willing to accept the sum of £1,262.87. I do not agree to waive my rights in respect of any other actions, nor do I agree to a clause of confidentiality. I hope to hear from you very soon so that a reasonable conclusion to this claim might be achieved. I am sure that the courts would approve of our settling this matter in a timely manner and without their further intervention.
  7. My court bundle/witness statement was due in today, court date 25th June. Nighbour took my bundle down for me with hers as she is on same timeline. The court have said that HSBC dont have to send in a witness statement or defence as they have done in way back on MCOL? (this was the standard blurb not particular to my case used on the Notice of Transfer of Proceedings). Has anyone heard of this before? Why is it that I can used my original claim I entered on MCOL as surely if I hadnt entered anything today, I bet HSBC would of won? This cant look good on HSBC if they're trying to worm their way out of submitting anything, the directions clearly stated that both parties were to submit their witness statement and supporting evidence by 4.00 today. Doesnt make sense?? I havent heard anything from DG at all to date. HELP!!!!
  8. Yep, court copy due on Monday before 4 o'clock. My neighbour is taking mine down with hers. Thanks for all the support everyone... I hope it isnt much longer, and I hope I had everything!
  9. Thanks guys. DG copy's gone, recorded of course should get it Monday. Fingers and toes crossed!
  10. He said he's going to buy me a prezzie as Ive been the one on here doing the research and typing/printing the letters!His court bundle is due Monday so I said after reading posts on here, he should proceed with getting his court bundle in anyway until he physically has the money. It just feels like sods law, the ones who sit back and let someone else do the work get settled earlier than those who are sat at the PC until 1.00am. My husband got the offer one week after he should of started MCOL but he couldnt be bothered to fill out the details!
  11. Well, all done and copied! 3 nice looking packs ready to go. Hope it scares the hell out of DG when they get this nice looking bundle, its 105 pages long! Some reassurance though, I know its not HSBC but me, hubby and neighbours have been doing this together, HSBC settled with hubby b4 MCOL stage, and neighbour's hubby got a full offer from Barclays today. When's it my turn???
  12. Thanks for all that, it looks pretty much what I have already set up and read through in a folder ready to print off. I am including July 2002 and June 2003 T&C so I will probably leave it at that with a note that I can get hold of the 'in-between' ones if required. (Im sure Ill think of better wording than that when it comes to writing the accompanying note!!!!)
  13. Well still no offer and my court bundle is due in Monday, so I guess I better get started photocopying tommorow whilst I can use the work photocopier! Does anyone know as it doesnt state in my directions made by the judge if I should be providing HSBC with a copy on Monday, or giving their copy to the judge as well? Or when???? :confused: :confused:
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