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  1. Hello This just goes to show how conniving Barclays are just to get money out of people. I was informed by my friend that her Mum was persuaded to take out a consolidation Loan with Barclays, she also had to have the PPI. My friends Mother is 68 years old and the PPI only covers you if you are below 65 years of age. This raises a few questions! why did the insurance company keep taking the premiums knowing full well she did not qualify for the insurance from the outset. How low will this bank go on defrauding people. This also begs the question is this a criminal matter, any suggestions! My friend has written to Barclays head office and the insurance office in Dublin asking for an explanation and has sent copies of the letters to both the OFT and the Financial Ombudsman Service. It is about time these banks are bought to task.
  2. Got a reply to the rejection letter. They said they are sorry I remain unhappy! They acknowledge that I am prepared to accept their offer as an interim payment and seek the balance through the small claims court. They then go on to say that unless I accept their offer as full and final settlement and are unwilling to pay it as an interm payment, they also acknowledge that I would like the claim paid in full but regret that they cannot increase their offer. I am now going to file for the full amount through the courts. wish me luck!
  3. A quick update, Barclays have offered a payment for one of our accounts, obviously not the full amount. Sending off a rejection letter as we file for court action on Friday. Thanks to your website I can send the correct letter, here's hoping I get the full amount claimed then I can donate to your site. Thanks guys!
  4. I am writing to Barclays to complain about the manner in which they have 'helped' us during our financial difficulties. (If they had paid out on the PPI mu husband has been paying for years and paid out on the overdraft protection insurance we would not be in this poition in the first place). I painstakingly went through an income and expenditure with them I had prepared and offered them a reduced payment. They asked me to phone them back to let them know if our other creditors had excepted my proposals, they all did with the exception of MBNA ( see thread we have joined the MBNA fan club). I contacted them to advise them that the other creditors were fine with my propsal and they then told me we would have to take out a resolve loan which carries excessive interest. We were threatened and bullyed into taking out this loan. We have been liasing with a local rights office and have found that no creditor can make you take out a loan that will increse your debt. A copy of the letter is also going to the financial ombusman and the OFT. I am claiming back all our charges now which amounts to nearly £4000 over 3 accounts. Going through the statements on 3 occasions they have charged me for an unpaid item when there was money in the bank to cover that item. On my husbands account they occasionally charges him for his bank statements.
  5. It has been very quiet in our house, the phone stopped ringing, our friends at MBNA have stopped calling until 2 days ago. We have now started getting calls from a debt collection agency on their behalf, If they keep it up I will send them an harassment letter as well. Had a standard letter response to the SAR sent 5 Feb, they say they are looking into our complaint!
  6. Hi Lantana When the other half went to the police, they did not give him a crime number, they said that as he hadn't been threatened as such it was not a criminal matter. They said it was a civil however, if they do become verbally threatening on the phone then the police will get involved. They advised legal action if they keep persisting. We sent off a harassment letter to them and My Husband phoned them to say he had been to the police and they seem to have backed off for the moment. Maybe the message is getting through!
  7. We have sent off our SAR to MBNA and are waiting for a reply, looking through other post from fans! we are in for a good time!! We have also sent in a harassment letter and low and behold the phone calls have stopped, My other half also reported them to the police, phoned MBNA and told them. Ha Ha. I fully expect not to get the information, but it seems like a battle of wills with this lot.
  8. I can really identify with you! The MBNA charm school leaves me so frustrated and my husband on the point of a nervous breakdown. I am so glad I found this site, we felt that we were in the minority, obviously not. I am going to reqest list of charges etc straight away and try to get the ball rolling. The reading on this forum is very informative and I don,t feel like we are on our own anymore. Good luck with them, next time I visit my sister in North Wales I will go into Chester to check out their office, maybe put some invitations on a website for travellers to set up in their car park!
  9. iris14

    Battleaxe does MBNA

    Hello I am new to this and have read about MBNA with interest. My husband made a claim on the repayment protection 2 years ago, fair play they paid up!, however those little liars they employ at MBNA to him to still use his card as we still had to live and said that the insurance compay covered him up to £50,000 and would meet the minimum repayments, NOT SO. We have fallen into financial difficulty with him not being able to work at all and are now being constantly hassassed to pay the shortfall from the insurance payments. It does not matter how often we explain the situation, even sent in an Income & expenditure with medical evidence to show we were on the level. They couldn't give a damn. After reading through the forum I am going to have a go at claiming back the late payment charge (Inurance company does not pay on time and he gets the charge) the overlimit fee ( which would not have happened if it wasn,t for the wrong advise) and any interest on those charges. I want to nail them to the wall!!!!!!
  10. I have just gone through 6 years bank statements from barclays bank, hoping to claim some charges. Hopefully you can steer me in the right direction so that I can become one of the 'joe Public' that hits the banks where it hurts! Has anyone got any horror stories regarding repayment protection insurance that is not worth the paper it is written on, and is there any way we can start claiming for usless premiums paid.
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