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  1. The full story is just a bit further down under Rossendales and Council Tax . .sorry I don't know how to link these posts! They visited us once, and asked us for £300 in full. We didnt have it and they eventually agreed to settle for £100 a month and for us to send a couple of forms back. One of these was a blank WPA, and the other was just asking for details of our income. We sent back the one giving details of our income but were advised not to send the other back. They then sent us a letter stating due to non payment we had to pay in full within 7 days. We sent them an email asking why when we had not defaulted or been late with our payment. They informed us we had no payment arrangement in place and told us to call the bailiff in charge. They did confirm receipt of our money tho. We did this and he was very rude and agressive, told my partner he was going to prison and said he would be back tomorrow to seize the car. We contacted the council and asked them to take the debt back but they say they can't. The council said we need to increase our payments to £150 a month and return the forms to the bailiffs. We cannot afford the £150 without falling into arrears with something else and told the council this both by phone and by email. We are also worried that they would once again change their minds in a few months. Yesterday the man arrived and shoved a "BAILIFF REMOVAL" letter thru the door with our car reg on it and a handwritten figure which appears to be our balance plus an extra £300. Does this mean they now have our car? Is there anything I can do? I have written to both bailiff and council as I now know I need to keep a record of everything but I have not heard anything today. It took Rossendales 11 days to reply to my original email asking why they were asking for payment in full. Does this info help?
  2. HI Rossendales have been to visit us again and put a note thru the door with our car reg on it. Does anyone know if this means it will be clamped or taken away or are they just trying to frighten us? We have been paying them £100 a month as was agreed with them but as it was all done by phone, I have no proof of this. They are now saying they want payment in full. I have never and will never give them access to my home, and I have sent letters to both them and the council as per someones advice from here. I haven't heard anything yet! My car is currently parked outside my house. Is it in danger? Thanks
  3. Hi We stupidly fell into arrears with two years of council tax. The oldest bill is being paid to the council on a monthly basis as agreed with them. We have not defaulted. The one for this year is being dealt with by Rossendales. To cut a long story short for the time being they visited us at home and put a letter thru the door asking for a payment of £300 to enable us to pay by installments. We contacted them and advised them we did not have this and contacted the council tax dept to ask for help. After a few days Rossendales agreed to us paying £100 per month in return for completion of a form requesting income details. This form was completed and returned. We did not complete the other form which had "walking possession agreement" half way down it. We then paid Rossendales monthly as agreed. A few weeks ago we got another letter from them stating that we had to pay the balance in full within a number of days. I contacted them by email to query this when we had not defaulted on our payments. 11 days later they finally replied stating that there had never been a re payment plan agreed and they said we had not sent the form back to them. I now know I should have done this via recorded mail. Due to the delay in them replying and because I did not want to fall into arrears I paid them the months payment that was due. The email reply told us to contact the bailiff "with the van" as this was who is now dealing with our case. We called him, and explained. He informed my partner that we face prison and that they will take our car. Today he turned up again and put another letter thru the door. This one states Bailiff Removal and wants payment due in full within 24 hours. He has written our car number plate on the letter and increased the amount by £300. This balance is just written on the letter. We have been in contact with the council today and they are asking us to pay the Bailiffs another £150 today, and to fill in and complete new forms. They said our account will be on hold for 24 hours to allow for our payment and we must send the forms back within five days! Our problem is we are on a very tight budget, do not have this extra £150 and to be honest have no proof that this time they will stick to this arrangement. We asked the council to take the debt on and they say the won't and we asked for something in writing to say we can pay by installments and they say they wont give this either. Sorry if this is a ramble. I am right now really scared and feeling really stupid. We thought we had this bill under control and in the last 24 hours its gone this far! Can anyone offer any advice as to what we can do now? Or do I just give them the car which we think is actually worth more than the debt? Please please can anyone help? Ric and Julie
  4. Another thing I just wanted to ask is that our account is an advantage gold. I have read somewhere about part of our charges being a bit of our advantage gold fee which i dont really understand . .we pay a fee monthly so had no idea this was so high. Am I right in thinking when we work out our charges we will need to deduct the fee off or have I got all confused again?? Juliexx
  5. Ok . .Just to update . .have opened another bank account and as soon as details are set will be sending the letter to the vultures telling them we want our money back!! In the meantime spending tons of time on this site so I get more confident and determined that we will get OUR money back!! This site is amazing . . I am really believing we can do this, and I have told everyone I know (who are pretty much all being ripped off too) about this site!! Thankyou xx
  6. Wow . .thankyou all so much . . Its Julie here and I am sat here in tears coz . . I don't really know why but am just so sick of it all . . we are going to open up another bank account (hopefully) and then get the ball rolling! Will be here alot I am sure Thankyou xxxxxxxx
  7. We are going thru cccs which i understand are completely free,and are a charity, so hopefully will be ok??.
  8. I can't believe how helpful you all are . thankyou so much. We are seeking help with cccs who have set up a dmp but we just need to open a new account first. It does seem so daunting but I can't help but wonder how much of our debt could have been avoided had these charges not been there! Your advice is greatly appreciated!
  9. We have looked, but it all seems so daunting. We are struggling financially and just feel everytime we feel we are getting somewhere we get hit with tons of charges . .I am so shocked they can take that amount of money out . . I feel so overwhelmed by it all
  10. Hi I am new to all this so please bear with me. We are financially struggling and although we have started the ball rolling with cccs but natwest are constantly bombarding us with charges. Today for example they have deducted around £182 of charges for unpaid direct debits for about £142!!! If they can take the charges surely they could have paid the direct debits?? The ironic thing is last month we went overdrawn and they paid a few direct debits but didnt charge us. They were however trying to get us to take a loan out which we would have been paying forever and really could not afford! We have since refused their loan. We are putting all our income into another account next pay day but have no idea what to do . .we think they have probably had around £3000 of charges over the last few years . .we are trying to get straight but now we have to still pay these bills!! Any advice? Ric and Julie
  11. Thankyou for your reply It all seems so daunting but we think in total they have had at least £3,000 of charges. We are going to set up another bank account and then look into claiming our charges back. We think we may have to contact cccs now so any idea how having a loan with natwest will affect our claim?
  12. HI We are new to this so sorry if its in the wrong place but not sure what to do. We bank with natwest and have recently had a few financial problems. However many of our problems occur with the charges we have presented to our account. Today for example we have received charges totalling £185 for direct debits totalling £148, that have been unpaid. It was an oversight on our part in that the bills came out a day earlier than the wages went in but I am a little shocked by this! If the bank can take out those charges surely they can pay the direct debit?? Not sure which way to go but it feels just as we are getting straight, we now stand no chance as we still have to pay these bills. This is not the first time we have had issues with charges and natwest however on this occasion they are refusing to budge. Any advice?? Ric and Julie
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