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  1. Hi all I hope that I am posting this in the right section. I am owed £400 by someone I considered a friend, for goods they purchased from me (and have used). For a month now they have been giving me the run around and claiming that they haven't been paid by their employer (apparently since March?) and each time a promise is made to update me, it is broken so I have had enough now. Yesterday I gave them until the end of today to come back to me with a plan of action for payment, but have once again been told it will be 'soon'. Any advice please (apart from don't hand over goods without payment ) Is there a stanard letter I should send them? Any help would be much appreciated x
  2. Small donation just made as a way of thanks for your amazing advice. As admin on another forum I understand how essential donations are to keep you going, so I intend to make regular payments. Just a thought - sending money via 'donate' in PayPal means a fee is charged whereas if it were sent via 'personal', no fee is charged. Would this make a big difference? x
  3. Thanks Curlyben Thanks to everyone who gives their time to offer advice and support here too! A small donation made.
  4. Morning all, an update! This morning I have had this letter from Lowell; Dear Mr & Mrs L We refer to your recent request for a copy of the original blah blah After liasing with our client in an effort to obtain this document we have been advised that it is no longer available. Under the circumstances, we have closed our files in relation to this account which has now been returned to our client. We can confir that no further contact will be made by us regarding this account. We trust that this clarifies matter for you yours sincerely Andrew Bartle Chief Operations Officer Can I please ask if I need to do anything else now, is there a letter I need to send to have this removed from my credit file for instance? Any help would be really appreciated!
  5. Hi and thank you for replying I know it's over 5 years, it could well be 6.
  6. Thank you so much! What a godsend this site is! I have a couple of similar situtations with Cabot, same timescale and no CCA received, so will leave those for now and spend the day reading more and more of your experiences on here.
  7. Hi all On 9th June I sent off a CCA letter, recorded delivery with £1 postal order to Red Debt Collection, for a very old credit card debt (may not quite be 6 years old, not sure) On 16th June I had a letter from Lowell Financial saying they are in receipt of my request blah blah and that they will request a copy from the original lender (a bank) They stated 'while we endeavour to reply within the 12 day period, you will appreciate this is dependany upon receipt of the information from the original creditor' and then 'we will advise you further if it will take longer' A week later I had a letter stating they were still waiting, and offered me a reduced one off payment to clear the debt. I didn't reply. Today I have received another letter; 'I can confirm our client has yet to furnish us with your agreement. I can confirm however that XBank are still in the process of blah blah There will be no further correspondence from us until the agreement has been received at which point we will require payment in full. You currently still have the option to pay £xxx.xx as a full and final settlemement in order to bring this matter to a close, after which we reserve the right to proceed to collect the full balance. If you wantto take the offer then please call My question is, should I be sending another letter to them as they have failed to supply the document? Many thanks!
  8. Wow, thanks for your quick replies! I have read everything related to what to do next (I think!) and would be really grateful if anyone could confirm that it is this letter that I send next http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/92-3-letter-before-action.html And I assume to the address on the letter they have sent to me? Much appreciated
  9. Hi all I joined this fantastic site a while ago, to claim my charges back against Nationwide (from an old, closed account) The first step was easy, I got my statements through quite quickly and sent off the prelim letter with spreadsheet two weeks ago This morning I have recieved a standard letter back from the 'customer experience team' saying that feedback is invaluable blah blah but they will not refund the charges as they only do this in 'exceptional circumstances' HELP! Do I now continue with the next step?
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