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  1. sorry dont own fax or scanner, barely get computer to work lately or internet. wrote the last post 3 times before actually going through. ill see if i can sort something
  2. the documents were just similar to the usaully stuff, saying the charges are fair to terms and contract and alot of stuff i dont really understand. basically a long winded vesion of normal replys, but they do mention the order as if to make me beleive that was what it was. but only i recieved the documents as i know and the court told me if they have recieved any today they will not of been logged yet. so much for deadlines. but i dont think they will. nearly worked thou, started to panic even rung legal aid for court help. but i think ill manage now. i hope.
  3. right just got in. spoke to court and sc&m just. the documents recieved today were not what was required in paragraph 4, they do not demonstrate charges, they were sent to make me think i was doomed really with my court knowledge, but it was just scare tactics, they have not complied with the first order or the last one, but was told i still need to go to court as its so close now, and the judge will "probably" strike them out even if they get a defence together, as the people at the courts told me. so in theory i won, but not untill i get the money or it in writing. so just waiting now. thanks for everyones help. and sorry to worry you guidot, garyh, sc&m fighting till the end
  4. just my look 10 weeks late recieved documents from lloyds. looks like im going to court. does anyone one have any advice on what to do or say or anything really when going to court. cheers
  5. got more news at last thought i keep up to date with this whole process. was going to ring court today to see whats going on, and received letter when i got home, about my draft order. it reads- upon the court reading a letter from the claiment dated 27th april.( which was the letter posted earlier which i sent to the court regarding the two week deadline lloyds had to comply with with the order or be struck out as it said.) and upon the court being satisfied that the defendent had failed to comply with paragraph 4 of the order dated 4th april. (so 2 months ago). unless the defendant complies with paragraph 4 of the order by no later than 4pm on the 13th june then the defence shall be struck out without futher order and there shall be judgement for the claiment for the sum claimed. i am happy something has happend as long as i get nothing by wednesday, but lloyds haveing 2 weeks to comply with the order as i did, or be struck off as it stated. to go to nearly 10 weeks by the 13th of june, means that the deadlines mean little at all. if i was 10 weeks late bet i would not get the same responce. annoying really when i followed the rules and i no nothing about law. and its my first time.
  6. thanks been away but i will call the court tomorrow. 2 weeks till my court date heard nothing from court or scm. think they are 5 weeks past the draft order date and still nothing.
  7. hi wonder if there is anything i can do, completed draft order and lloyds fail to do this and as the order said they would be struck out, this was over 4 weeks ago since they failed to comply i sent letter to judge with order and to lloyds. yet heard nothing still. and court date is only 4 weeks off now. starting to worry have not got a clue what to do if i have to go to court. even thou i should of won due to the order. so im lost now to whats going on. can someone shed some light on this.
  8. sorry i thought you meant the interest on the overdraft charges not the monthly interst on your overdraft. i did not charge for the monthly overdraft interest just for the interest on my charges taken using the calculator
  9. yes charged for interest
  10. my court is coventry crown court on 25th june 10am. thanks
  11. does anyone know how long or what happens next been over a week since lloyds failed to comply with the draft order and i sent letter to the courts. cheers
  12. right just to let you know received nothing back from lloyds so i sent the letter that was posted on last link to court and lloyds. recorded delivery again waiting to see what happens next. cheers again
  13. yes i sent everything you listed. about 60 pages. how will i know if they have submitted documents or not do i need to phone court in 2 weeks time. or will i be informed. cheers again lost without your help and this site.
  14. right got my draft order ready and posted yesterday recorded delivery to bank and lloyds. from what i gather they have 14 days to complete the order or will loose. will i here anything now or will i have to contact anyone.
  15. also do i send a copy of the entire court bundle to the court and sc&m, plus my statement entries and my bank charge calculations and the statement of evidence cheers
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