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  1. Not sure if this is in the right place, my story is about blackheath loans who i have read alot about this might give hope to anyone who is being harrassed by these sharks. Basically we took out a loan with a guarentor , a few months after the loan was paid off these people started phoning me saying we still owed money , when we asked what for they refused to give an explanation and said if we didnt pay up they would go to our guarentor. we refused to pay until they gave us an explanation and they then refused to take our calls or reply to our letters , all they said was that they were going to take our guarentor to court. They sent her a claim through something called money claims online but none of us realized we had to file a defence and a ccj was put on her credit file . We had a good talk to her and she was on our side as she knew we had paid off the loan. Anyway she applied to get the ccj set aside , when she attended court none of blackheath turned up and the judge set aside the ccj and our guarentor had to file a defence which she did giving all the details of how blackheath had refused to co operate with us and that we had proof of payments . She had to fill in more forms for the court and blackheath were sent copies and also given a chance to explain why we still owed them a large amount of money , as we expected they never returned their forms or made any contact with the court , the case is now closed and we won. I have read how they are threatening people saying that they will go to their guarentor if they dont pay money that people dont think they really owe, do as we did , explain to your guarentor how these people operate and if they do try to take u to court tell them u will go and take proof of your payments , dont just carry on paying them .
  2. I hope im putting this in the right place, Just wanted to let everyone know that we stuck up to these people and won . Basically the loan finished end 2008 but a few months later they started asking for more money £500 but wouldnt give and explanation , we asked for all our info they had on us but they wouldnt send it and because they refused to pay they went after our guarentor, when she refused to pay she ended up with a ccj that they did online, They totally refused to take any of our calls or reply to letters so we went to court, the ccj was set aside and they were given some paperwork to fill in which they never returned so the whole thing has been dropped by the court .
  3. We had the same problem, couldnt pay the full 300 at once so we paid 60 per month until that amount was paid , then got a new debit card from the bank so they couldnt take anymore but they then tried to take 300 from our account by setting up a fraudulent standing order so we changed our bank account number but stayed with same bank, this is the only way we could think of to get rid of them .
  4. I dont understand why they were entitled to chase the guarentor, the loan had been paid off and if the extra amount was for charges they should have given us an explanation for this, we didnt at any point refuse to pay we just asked for an explanation of why they were asking us for more money which is perfectly reasonable but they just went behind our backs , they told the guarentor we had missed lots of payments and were refusing to speak to them when in fact it was the other way around and they even told the guarentor that they were concerned as we were planning to move from our current address which was a outright lie .
  5. We had the same problem with these people a couple of years ago, as we couldnt afford to pay them amount in full they took it out over a couple of months but when it was paid they carried on taking payments off my debit card so i had it changed. When they realised they set up a standing order and took £300 but the bank refunded it and gave us a new account number and new debit cards when we explained this company had taken the money fraudulently . they tried to set up a new standing order about 3 more times and the bank sent us a copy but it was all on the old account so they never got any money , I rang them and told them that the banks fraud department were investigating them and that we were also going to the police and we havnt heard from them since. We are with Natwest too, just tell them the company are trying to take money without your permision and they will just set up a new account and give you new cards.
  6. This is a bit of a long story so here goes, December 2006 we took out a £1000 loan with Blackheath loans of which we only received £840 as they took the rest for admin fees. We were to repay a total of £1912 over 24 months. We were late a couple of times over the 2 years but always caught up. The last payment was made in jan 09 or so we thought, for the next couple of months they kept ringing asking for the payment and we tried to explain that the loan had now been paid in full. they kept telling us different amounts of how much we still supposedly owed. When I asked for an explanation they kept changing their minds as to why we still owed the money, first they said we should have been paying £121 a month instead of £79 which was on the agreement , then they said there were certain payments not received , I told them i had statements to prove payments , this was in march 2009 , we didint hear anything the following month so I assumed it was sorted. Then is August 2010 our guarentor got a letter from northampton court saying they were being chased for the money £564 which they were very angry about . I couldnt do much for the next couple of days as i went into labour with my 4th child, but when I came home from hospital we tried to sort it out , Blackheath told our guarentor that they were being taken to court as we were refusing to pay. They refused to speak to us on the phone or to reply to any letters , the reply from the court form where we could dispute the amount was sent back to blackheath by mistake so we missed to deadline. Recently our guarentor applied for a remortgage and realised that a ccj had been put on their clean credit file, this has caused so much trouble, the financial ombudsman wont help as it has already been to court. We have been advised to fill in form n244 to get the judgement set aside but we will have to pay the £75 fee as our guarentor is very annoyed as it is. what are our chances of getting this removed from our guarentors credit file . Blackheath at no point sent a default notice, they had no right going to our guarentor as at no point did we refuse to pay them, we had paid the loan but when we asked for an explanation when they asked for more money they refused to give one, we tried to speak to them on the phone and sent letters but they just refuse to co-operate so surely we have grounds for getting this ccj set aside and make a big complaint against these people . I would be grateful for any help thanks
  7. Hi we lost our car to these people about 2 years ago after getting into difficulties. We had paid £10,000 for the car 12 months previously and they sold it for 2300 , we had just been offered 5500 for it and told lbl that we would be paying them off in full and they said this was ok, we owed about 800 in total but the day before the sale was due to take place they came at about 4:30 am to take the car and then after selling the car for a pitance they said we owed them over £400, we were devastated as we really needed the car.
  8. Thanks for the advice I feel much better now I know I dont have to let them in.
  9. URGENT HELP NEEDED On monday a bailiff from a company called Jacobs came round about outstanding council tax, as i was expecting someone else i opened the door. I didnt let him in to the house but he put his foot in the door. I went to the cab but they were confused as to whether he could now gain entry because of the foot in the door. I am waiting for an appointment with a debt councillor from the cab but the bailiff is coming back today, can I still refuse to let him in or does the foot in the door thing mean i have to let him enter.
  10. URGENT HELP NEEDED, sorry this will be long so bare with me. My brother has custody of his 3 children , he claims child benefit, icome support and disability allowance as one of the children is disabled, he also has a mobility car. At the moment he is poorly in hospital and is likely to be there for a few weeks. because it is the school holidays the children are with their mother as agreed by the court. She has never wanted much to do with the children and dosnt really want them now as she keeps palming them off on other people. Now she is trying to claim the child benefit for the children even though he gives her money anyway when she has them on the occasional holiday. can she actually do this and will all the other benefits he gets be transfered to her even though they will be coming home in a couple of weeks .
  11. Just wondered if this is happening in any other area and if there is anything can be done about it. In our area we have a list of available properties each week and if you are interested in a property you have to bid on it and the person with more points and need is offered the house. But what alot of people dont know , which me and my friend recently found out is that there are alot of properties that are reserved and never go on the list. The properties that come on each week are mostly run down houses in run down areas. All the reserved ones that dont go on the list are the best houses in the best areas. This is disgusting because decent families are not getting a chance to live in a decent area and with such housing shortages , why are so many people never given a chance to bid on properties that are reserved. The council wont give any information on why these properties are reserved and why they are the best ones. I just wondered if anyone knew anything about this, or if there is something we can do about it.
  12. Hi I phoned them a few weeks ago to see what the catch was and yes there is a catch Im afraid. They say they do give you 100% but it is something like 70% now and the rest in 10 years. and I suspect their valuation will be lower than expected.
  13. Hi we are having trouble with lbl at the moment could you tell me where i could find this site? thanks
  14. I just needed to know because it says on the back of our agreement that they dont need one and someone said they dont , but if they do then im not going to let them take the car.
  15. do they still need a court order if the bill of sale has been registered?
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