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  1. tonif

    Toni V Abbey

    Couldn't believe it yesterday checked my account on line and it just didn't look right. Then I realised it wasn't in red!!!! lol They put the cheque in for the full amount and it will be cleared on Friday. Funny thing I have not signed anything yet from Abbey.
  2. tonif

    petcat v abbey.

    Well done, Abbey are busy this week. They sent me a letter today asking if I wanted a loan!!!!
  3. tonif

    petcat v abbey.

    I used the email route with Inga and she settled 100% within 24 hours. Well worth a try.
  4. tonif

    abbey woes

    Well done, they will be busy with those settlements this weeks! Enjoy your victory. x
  5. tonif

    Toni V Abbey

    Bad luck you must have got her on a bad day! I will think of you when I have my first cream cake. I will still be around here when I've got my money, it's great to be able reassure others through their battles. Don't worry I get an email when your thread is updated so I'll be with you all the way till you get your fortune as well! x
  6. tonif

    Ombusman v Court

    It can seem quite daunting but if you follow the advice on here one step at a time and keep any letters etc it's quite painless. I went the court route and have had an offer to settle 100% of my claim before I even had a court date. Ask for help on here and stick to your guns. It can take a while, mine was over 4 months but you will win in the end with the help on here.
  7. tonif

    abbey woes

    She replied to my email within 24 hours and offered me 100% settlement. She must be in a good mood!
  8. Go for it, I am still in a state of shock but very happy that it's basically over now! Just the wait for the money and Inga quoted 7-8 days.
  9. I had not got as far as a court date, I had just received my AQ to fill in and file with the court. Have a look at my thread Toni v Abbey to see the emails I sent Inga.
  10. tonif

    Toni V Abbey

    Well it happens to be my birthday in 4 weeks and Mum's taking up to London for a show and tea at the Ritz so I may have to buy tons of clothes!!!!! In reality it will go a long way to clear my debts that the charges put me into in the first place. Good luck with yours, it may be worth sending an email if Inga's in a settling mood this week!
  11. I emailed [email protected] asking if she wanted to settle and within 24 hours she had agreed to 100% settlement. I did state that I would like to settle before having to add any more expenses ie court bundle and AQ! That was this morning, so maybe she's in a good mood today. Good luck.
  12. Put it all in writing and address it to the store manager. If they are unable to supply your furniture you will get a refund when you ask for it and they should send you something for the mistake they made in selling your furniture to someone else.
  13. Inga has told me I should have the money in my account in 6-7 days. I can't believe it has happened so quick after my email to her yesterday. I've copied them onto my thread. Good luck you will be next. x
  14. tonif

    Toni V Abbey

    Can my thread title have WON added to it please?
  15. tonif

    Toni V Abbey

    Ah too many accounts!!!!
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