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  1. Dear forum member I need some advice. My case has been stayed as I am sure most of you have and that horrible bank I use has hit me with £90 worth of bank charges this month and they have done it in such a sneaky way it beggars belief. I have a standing order from one account to another. They (the insert own explanative here bank ) deducted the bank charges first then an hour later transferred the funds across. This is theft. How can I get the bank to refund my £90 ?
  2. hi all I have to have my court bundle in by monday the 23rd is there anyone out there that has the T&c's for Barclays bank current account opened in 1999? Please I am desperate.
  3. Thank you so much for that now hold thumbs I get a speedy response
  4. One other thing I have found Dino's details but could anyone tell me if there is a templet letter on this site for asking for a settlement as I am not to sure what would be the best way to word it.
  5. Sorry I have no idea who dino's is and how to contact him. Do you have that information for me please
  6. Who are the banks litigation team and do you have any contact details and names on who to contact?
  7. Oh goodie I have my court date and it is on the 25 of July not long now. One problem (isn't there always one) I have downloaded the court bundle the only thing I would like to include in it is the T&C for a current account opened around the end of 1999. If this is not included in the court bundle will it have a negitive on my case? Also , once i have submitted my court bundle should I contact the bank and try to get them to settle?
  8. One more question:confused: This is very difficult for the uninformed. I have submitted my AQ and along with it I included the Draft order for directions. Which states " The Claimant shall within 14 days of service of this order......" Must I now get my court bundle together along with my Schedule of Charges and submit it to the court? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  9. Thanks for that I was just wondering as in the AQ they give you no idea when you will hear fromthem again
  10. How long does one normaly have to wait for a court date:confused:
  11. Cheers for that I will get it off now just to make their monday morning a plesent one (NOT!)
  12. I have included a draft request for orders with the AQ what address should I use to send it to Barclays the one I have is PO box 708 leeds ls19fd?
  13. OH I submitted them some time back. Do I have to send a copy of the Allocation questionnaire i received from the court to the bank along with my other information?
  14. Hi all have not posted much on this site but have been following with interest. I have just hand delivered my Allocation questionnaire. Most of this is very confusing to me including using this website. 1. When do I get to add all the costs incured in bringing this claim to court. It cost anouther £100 today handing in the AQ. 2. Quite a few members talk about the bank defending and then submitting their defence. Should I have received their defence docs prior to sending off the AQ? What will happen now after the AQ has been sent and do I need to personaly send a copy of the AQ document to the bank or will the court do so? any advice is welcome
  15. Hi all this is my first ever post. I have been reading most of the posts but have not found any that refer to obtaining a copy of the T&C. Do any of you wonderfuly helpful people have a copy of the T&C's for a current account opened in 1999? I would be most grateful if you could let me have a copy of them.
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