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  1. direct invitation: being asked to enter by someone open invitation: open door or window both of theses are peaceful entry. Threshhold entry: pushing past, foot in the door Not peaceful entry
  2. This is my last post on this thread, no one was bickering until spamheed started posting
  3. Your not allowed to collect on pcn;s unless certificated, you however can collect magistrate fines so long as you are certificated within 6 months of starting employment. you vannot get a bailiffs certificate in the companies name, but a person has the option to apply from their home address or business address
  4. you have 5 days to pay, it doe not mean your vehicle cannot be taken to a storage depo/ aution house, if you have signed a walking possession and made an arrangement different case, your vehicle will be kept for 5 days and sold on the 6th day, unless the law has changed since I last done parking fines?
  5. Magistrates fines , do have that power. Not with the CSA LIABILITY ORDER, Personally i wouldnt speak to them on the phone, write to them. If you are on a low wage they can only take so much, if you have no possession they cant take them from you. The other options I have stated will cost them money, commital proceeding would be if you refused to pay , which you are not
  6. "A bailiff cannot levy the same goods more than once" good point! Most councils will allow two van fees to be charged on cases, subject to default on payment arrangements.
  7. the bailiffs have no powers of entry, the CSA CAN GET AN ATTACHMENT OF EARNINGS, REVOKE YOUR DRIVING LICENSE, FREEZE YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS AND AS A LAST RESORT GO FOR COMMITAL PROCEEDINGS. all of which is highly unlikely, you cant get blood out of a stone.
  8. I stand corrected you are quite right, I was looking at it from more a laymans point of view, Your car has been levied you have five days to pay then auction.
  9. but you are confused with the term excessive levy, since when does a levy give someone 5 days to pay?
  10. The fact is, if someone cannot pay or are unwilling to pay for a fine ect, if a warrant is to be enforced and the only goods of value so happen to be a ferrari for arguements sake, then it is not an excessive levy as the ferrari is the only goods that could be levied, the outcome being the car would go to aution and the difference after debt has been paid would be passed to the debtor/ customer. My point earlier being is,if you cannot seize something because it is out of proportion to the debt, then driving a ferrari would make you immune to parking fines, as the cars value far exceeds t
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