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  1. Thank you No doubt I will have some more silly questions along the way. Have a great weekend.
  2. Thanks so much I'm going to make a start on this straight away. I'm pretty sure I have all of my paperwork (I never throw anything away!) How do I tell if it is Single Premium PPI? Will it be clear from the agreement? Thanks again,
  3. Hi all, Hope you are well today. Just looking for a little advice please......... I took out a consolidation loan in March 2006 with Ocean Finance, the actual credit provider/company my payments were made to was Endeavour Personal Finance. I recall being told at the time that PPI was a condition of the loan and although I wasn't happy about it I accepted it because I needed the loan The loan was re-paid early, 18 months ago. Who do I need to contact to make a claim? EPF or Ocean Finance? Thanks in advance for any information,
  4. Thanks Helen I will certainly enjoy it. Drinks are on me tomorrow Jen xxxxxxxxx
  5. Thanks Who do i need to PM to get my thread titled won?? and give them my litigation details?? Jen xxxxxxxxx
  6. Thanks hun, I just had a look at that link and i'll probably do that, every penny counts and all that. Jen xxxxx
  7. Thanks Do i just write to the court now advising that settlement has been reached?? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  8. WOO HOO!!!!!!! I GOT MY MONEY!!!! Logged in this morning to find my account in credit for the first time in 12 months LOL. They finally stumped up the cash, i'm absolutely thrilled!! Thank you so much to everyone who helped me do this, this is gonna make such a big difference to my finances!! Thanks Jen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. More waiting for you then Jennifer but it'll be worth it in the end You need to have the patience of a saint with this lot coz they love to keep you waiting. Stick with it hun xxxxxxxx
  10. Hi hun, I have also received a letter from the court advising stay granted until 27th June when the case will be referred to the judge in paperwork. Gonna give SC&M a call again tomorrow as still no sign of my money even thou they had my signed accpetance back 3 weeks ago. i want to know what they are playing at offering settlement one minute and requesting a stay the next!! They are so Random!! Hope you are well Jen xxx
  11. Hi Everyone, Hope your all well. I got a letter yesterday from southend court advising me that a stay has been granted of the courts own decision. The stay is until the 27th june when the case will be "referred to the judge in paperwork". Does this mean that the judge will make a judgement on the 27th but that i do not need to attend?? Please help i'm so confused?? Jen xxx
  12. Hi disgruntled Thanks for the congrats, i wont feel like i've truely won till i get my money thou I originally filed with basildon court but they tranferred it to southend not sure why, not bothered thou its only up the A127 LOL. I will have a read thru your thread and subscribe so i can congratulate you when your get your money back YAY!! Not long now!! Jen xxx
  13. YAY!!! Thats exactly what i'm gonna do, theyll get so sick of hearing my voice they'll pay up sooner rather than later LOL Call them tomorrow they're really friendly but dont be taken in by the rubbish they chat about back log of payments etc, its your money and you want it NOW!! Jen xxx
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