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  1. Hi there Yb did the same to me but after judgement by default and request for the bailiffs had been granted. I wrote back to them with the information they requested but also stated that they had already recieved the information 3 times and that I had the orginal responses from Leeds HO stating this fact and that Leeds HO had passed the claim and all details to thier leagal team and I was happy to send these to the court as proof, 6 days later I phoned the bailiffs who told me they had recieved a cheque from them for the full amount. Try doing what I did it worked for me. Best of luck Joe
  2. Hi guys after getting a result yesterday from YB allbe it through the Bailiffs I am charged up & want to go after the rest of my charges from 1995 to 2001. I have a couple of questions if any of you guys will help me with. 1st, do I have go through all the stages of my first claim? after requesting copies of statements. 2nd Do I have to pay another £10? 3rd has anyone else or is anyone else going for their charges refunded longer than 6 yrs? Cheers Joe.
  3. Cheers nervous Started in Feb 4 months isn't that long really but I can't understand why they draw it out so much. All I can say is what everyone else is saying stick at it and don't let them (YB/Clydesdale) put you off. They WILL & DO PAY just stick at it and to your time scales not theirs, state all the facts when dealing with thier legal team including mentioning all the the letters they or your bank has sent you aknowleaging they have recieved all your account details and tables of charges and that you will use these if nessercery. It's long winded but it seems to work. Best of luck & oh just for the record I'M going after all my charges post 6 years as well now. keep the faith Joe.
  4. Hi again I've just spoke to the bailiffs again asking why the 21 day wait it is because any amount of money over £500 that they are asked to collect has to be held in case the person/persons goes into recievership. this according to the bailiff is a legal requirement if the bailiff is paid direct. Cheers Joe.:-|
  5. Hi does anyone have the direct line number for YB/Clydesdale legal department or the like? Cheers Joe.
  6. Hi PPMan159 I don't know why 21 days the bailiffs said it was something to do with insolvency as they had sent the cheque to them???? However Iwould have thought they would have paid it straight into my account.
  7. Hi guys I just phoned the Bailiffs regarding the warrant against YB that was issued on the 23rd of May. I recieved a letter from YB solicitor on the 25th May saying they were defending the claim & want acc details ect ect. I phoned the bailiffs 5 mins ago to see what was happening and to my amazement they said they had recieved a cheque form YB for the full amount but I will have to wait 21 days until I recieved the cheque. Do I take this as a win or should I still hold my breath? Starting to fell chuckle to myself (can't help it) & laugh at YB for all their snotty & cocky letters and attitude. Oh sorry just under £5000. :razz: :razz: at YB & Clydesdale.
  8. Hi there I,m in the exacly the same situation with YB as you. They sent me a letter 2 days after judgement had been granted and a day after a warrant for the bailiffs to go in saying that they had not recieved any details from me ie Account number and a copy of the charges ect, which is a complete lie as I have 3 letters from YB basically saying they were investigating my claim and one saying they would not refund my charges. I phoned the CAB about the letter the reply was YB can only apply for a stay of execution not defend the case as judgement had already been passed. THey also went on to say that in thier opinion it was just a delay tactic anyway. The CAB recommeded 2 possibles reactions first ignore the letter completely or write back pointing out the previous letters from them and also pointing out that judgement had already been ngranted in my favour. Hope this helps Joe.
  9. Hi there (again) I've just had a thought and I would be very happy hear you others guys & Gals thoughts on it. I recieved a letter from YB solicitors from Bonny Scotland saying that they are defending the claim (even though I have been granted judgement by default and also I have requested the bailiffs to go in which again was grated) and saying that they have not recieved any requests or account info from myself ect ect, I am not filing agaist their head office but my local branch and all the letters and lists had been sent to the local branch. What I'm trying to ask/say is I am claiming from my local branch and therefore should I ignor the letter as it is not from my local bank? I am grasping at straws? All your thoughts & advice are as all ways greatfully recieved. Joe
  10. Hi guys to cut a long story short I applied and was granted judgement by default on the 22nd of May, I then applied and was granded a warrant of execution on the 23rd of May. Today I have recieved a letter from Clydesdale Bank Legal services saying they are defending the claim and that I haven't provided them with any details of account number or list of charges to which I have sent them 3 copies. Can they defend a claim after judgement has been awarded? Please help I thought I had beat YB. Cheers Joe.
  11. Hi I've been dealing with YB since Jan this year, all I've had in the form of replies is the usual "agreed with the terms and conditions when you opened your account" ect. "We are ivestigating your claim "ect. However I did take them to court and won by default as YB did not acknowlage or defend the claim in the time they were allowed, applied for a warrant of execution which was granted. I am just waiting for next step which unfortunatly means YB can still apply for a stay of execution so I've been told by the court bailiff. Not much help to you but Follow through with your claim and keep to your time table not theirs. If your're not satisfied with there replys or time tables go to the next stage of claiming. Good luck, keep the faith & May the Force Be With You. Joe.
  12. Hi they said they Could apply for one. I thought that once a judgement had been passed the defendent had no more say in the matter so to speak. cheers Joe
  13. Hi sorry about this but, I applied for and was granted a judgement by default against YB, I then applied and was granted a warrant for the bailiffs. I phoned the court this morning and was told to my disbelieve that YB can still drag the judgement out by applying for a stay of execution. Can anyone tell me what to expect or what happens from here? Cheers Joe:eek:
  14. Hi Parkvale I applied for judgement by default which was grated, then I applied for a warrant for the bailiffs to go in which again was granted and moved to my local court for exicution.(I think). Joe
  15. Hi there I've not posted here for a long time but I thought I would bring you up to date. Filed with MCOL against YB at the end of March. No acknolagement or defence filled by the 19th of May, applied for judgement by default which was granted, no contact from YB so applied for the bailiffs to go in, which again was granted. Does this mean I have won or should I put the celabrations on hold? Has anyone esle been in this situation? Will YB have anything up their sleeve I should be aware of? Cheers Joe
  16. Sorry for the confustion I was charged nearly £4000 for lost interest because I changed my mortgage. This was on a second mortgage. So I was wondering if I could make a claim for the lost interest they charged me. Cheers Joe
  17. Hi guys this is my first time on here. does anyone know if I am able to claim for early redemtion charge on a morgage I changed last year? cheers Joe
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