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  1. Yes, you are right - I got my CCA and SAR dates confused. Knew I needed to double check. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Sent a CCA request to Natwest Card Services on 26th April. They haven't responded. What with all the bank holidays etc.. we've had since then, I think that the 12+30 days expire tommorow - 08/06/07 ? Could someone just confirm this for peace of mind? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Lloyds have responded to my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request)... however, they only provided a list of charges on the account for the past six years (ie, unauthorised o/d, returned d/d and interest charge) - not statements. Now the question is, with this information is it enough to claim. Presumably I can't properly claim the interest without seeing what my actual balance at the time was (as they didn't provide the statements) In this case, is it just worth claiming the total charges listed (excluding the 'interest charge' as this would be applicable to the whole balance) - this comes to about £1000. ? Would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  4. Well spoke to customer services and they advised me to speak to Actionline. Went through the verification process and they were about to do it... but then said there was a marker on the account which meant it couldn't be done. Explained I couldn't get to the branch, so she advised she would try and get the bank to call me. Not holding my breath.
  5. *Sigh* Natwest are still giving me the run around with my SAR. Didn't get chance to go to the branch and change my address as hours have changed at work - the only day I get off is Sunday now! Received the following reply: This is really starting to irritate me. I have provided full proof of ID and address but they are dragging their feet. Not only that, but they have not returned the £10 postal order I sent! Nattie - if you are still reading this thread, can you confirm if there is another way to change address if I can't get to the branch (besides online banking as my account appears to be removed from there) Any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks, sub.
  6. Congratulations on the win. The problem is with a DMP is that it is completely voluntary... the bank could issue a default or go for a CCJ at any time. While they may just be happy to continue receiving a regular monthly payment, we all know how vindictive the banks can be! Personally I'm in a DMP and if (when) I get my charges back I'm going to try and take the route of agreeing a reduced settlement for the whole debt and get them to write it off. Payplan for example will deal with this on your behalf if you come into a 'lump sum' of cash.
  7. Well, anyway, I will pop to the branch at the weekend and change the address. In the meantime, I've drafted this letter that I'll be posting tommorow. Any thoughts? (I think my dates are right with regard to 40 days):
  8. Tried logging in, but get a message "We would like to help you however we are unable to display your account(s) at this time call..." I think its probably because my account has been transferred to CMS with it being part of my Payplan DMP.
  9. Hi Nattie, Just to clarify for both me and others who may be in this situation in the future: Are you saying: 1) DON'T go to the branch to change address? 2) Send back all paperwork (including £10 postal order, passport copy and council tax demand copy) ...including strongly worded letter advising that time is ticking and that the enclosed paperwork should serve as notification of change of address ?
  10. Yes, sent the SAR with postal order for £10 - including copies of passport and council tax demand as proof of who I am and where I live (as I've moved and the account address will be the old one) As above - they say I need to go to the branch and have returned payment, but also state on the letter than fee is £5. Although on the form it does say 'Please refer only to the TICKED boxes'
  11. Sent a SAR to Edinburgh 25th April. Received reply this morning with what looks to be a template letter (with lots of tick boxes) and returned my postal order of £10. They ticked the one that stated: 'We have a different address on our records. Please advise your branch of your new address, and when you moved, so that our records can be updated' They are obviously stalling as I prempted this request by supplying copies of passport, council tax demand etc... as proof of identity and address! Looks like I'll be making a trip to the bank when I get chance. My account has been closed/frozen (in a DMP with Payplan) so no doubt I'll be requested to step into a private room somewhere to discuss. *Sigh* And finally... the paperwork they sent has the following: "The fee for this service is £5.00 which covers all accounts requested." So the question is - do I send £5 back, £10 or perhaps even two £5 postal orders if they try to worm out of it that way?
  12. DMP = Debt Management Plan. Informal arrangement - usually mediated by an organisation such as Payplan or CCCS.
  13. Cheers, thanks for the advice. I'll post when I get an outcome!
  14. Hi, Received a credit report from Experian yesterday, just found out I have a CCJ. Would like some advice on what to do next - if anyone can offer some advice or has experienced this situation personally then I'd appreciate a reply. 1) Called the court found out it was an ISP (a useless one I might add) - they filed a claim for £210.66 online relating to the period 18 Dec 2004 - 21 Oct 2005. 2) It was issued at an address (on 22/08/06) that I moved from in June 2005. So obviously I didn't get a notification, nor chance to defend myself - so it looks like I have a judgement by default. 3) After doing a bit of digging, it would appear that because the judgement was served without my knowledge (ie, I didn't live there) I may be in a good position to get it set aside. I didn't receive a default notice, nor does my credit record show one (would it if they have a CCJ against me though ?) So my question is, do I settle this debt with the original creditor prior to filling in form N244 (ie, notify the court I didn't live at the address) - or do I send the N244, wait for a decision from the court, then settle with the original creditor ? When I phoned the court, the woman asked if 'I accepted the judgement' - it was at this point I made my excuses and explained that I would need to go away and fully investigate the situation. Thanks, sub.
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