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  1. in the end she remortgaged and paid the fine. she was found guilty of docking the tails on 3 puppies. fined £3000 and had to pay costs of £11,000. thankfully they didn't ban her from keeping animals. bear in mind tho, that it was her vet that did the docking because she believed it was still legal in wales. it isn't. i told her to get some of the fine/costs from the vet in question, but she decided to pay up and be done with it. there's going to be a lot of dogs with broken tails soon. how stupid to ban something that is done to prevent such things. i guess from your username that you also have an interest in dogs. do you have an opinion on docking?
  2. I couldn't find a suitable forum to post this, so figured here was best. i hope someone can help out. a friend of ours has 3 lovely rotweillers. 2 bitches and a boy. the bot got to the 2 bitches and before long she ended up with 22 pups. not too much of a problem, until she had their tails docked. this was done for whatever reasons, and i don't wish to open up a debate on the rights and wrongs of tail docking. that could go on for ever. but she ended up in court, was found guilty and fined £3000 + £11,000 costs. as you can see, the costs awarded to the rspca are horrific. the thing is, the courts have only given her 14 days to find the FULL £14,000. is there any way that she can appeal the cost or get time to pay. this is causing loads of friction in her house. they could re mortgage, but now isn't the best time to be doing that. the courts have have shown blank refusal to listen to her pleas. we could really do with some letters or web links to show to her and help her out a bit.
  3. received the new standard bog off letter this morning. I'll have a read thru for my next step tonight, and get printing.
  4. had a horrible thought today. after being ten days late in posting my letter (the new prelim), they will of received it today (Monday). i put a nice cheque in the bank last week, which will clear on Thursday, the day after we arrive in Rhodes for a family holiday. we're counting on this money to see us thru. you don't think they'd go and shut our account do you? ive heard it happens.
  5. glad to see us all back on it
  6. edited the new prelim letter, going to post it in the morning. ive gone for the full amount £6464
  7. down at the bottom of my debt collectors ring binders, lies the start of my struggle against the A&L. 1. S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) request. 2. preliminary approach with break down. 3. their standard bog off letter. wait for outcome of case etc. Thats all i have, i didn't send the LBA. as my charges were for £6464. it was a bit big for the small claims track, and that threw me, whether or not to break my claim up into lumps. but, will that matter now? is it not right to think that i should just send them an invoice for the full amount . i want to get started on this again, as i can foresee a huge long line of people banging on the doors of their local branch. i notice that the templates library is down while they are updated. would it be your advise to wait for these to come back? any help and views would be appreciated.
  8. im confused by this one, there is no date to date on the above T & C's. are the same as what would have been stuck to any agreement we signed? and this is a little bit contradictory... it refers to itself as an application AND an agreement cheers.
  9. as requested... I'd b most grateful if you would take a look.
  10. tnx. these people used to cause untold rows between me and the OH. but now i know my rights. 2 dca's came back with legit agreements, and we are now happily paying them. but if i can cause trouble for any of them i will. any ideas for next course of action please?
  11. if you want to see the other pieces of paper that they sent along (the T&C's), then i can scan them up. the reason i called the thread lpf/mercers is because i get mail from both. the above was sent direct from barclaycard. thanks a lot.
  12. hello all, i sent off a simple cca request to littlewoods just before christmas (14 dec), this is to do with an old credit card account. (i also think i should S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) them, as they are adding lots of interest to this account). but we received this reply from them the other day (well, form barclay card).... im just wondering, as it looks like an application to me. along with their cover letter and the below scan, there was also 3 A4 sheets of terms and conditions, printed copies, not a micro film copy like the alleged agreement. and an enlarged bit...
  13. cheers paul ;-) one more thing, i only have a po box number for them. if i post to this address, im unlikely to get a signature. does anybody have a proper street address please?
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