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  1. Bristol CC carrying on as normal. My case is on 24 August and when I phoned yesterday they said it was business as usual. But, today I received a standard - and may I say very biased - letter from Abbey saying that they'd written to Bristol CC asking for a stay. Can I ask Bristol CC asking for a "go" (or whatever the opposite of a a stay is!)?
  2. Hi there, my partner requested her statements from (a closed account with) Halifax over 40 days ago. We know they received the letter as they attempted to bank the £10 cheque. But (and here's the punchline) the cheque she wrote has bounced, part of the reason for that being that they waited about 4 weeks until they paid it in and she had forgotten about it. Do Halifax still have to provide the statements, or does the fact that she effectively failed to provide them with the fee mean that she has to start again? Any thoughts? Bristolman
  3. My sister is pursuing Halifax for charges on two separate accounts. She's at the "letter before action" stage, and her question is this: does she have to start two separate claims against them, one for each account, or can she deal with them simultaneously, in the same letter? Many thanks Bristolman
  4. I commenced court action against Abbey earlier this week, having already sent the preliminary letter and letter before action. Today, in reply to my preliminary letter (of approx 5 weeks ago...) I received an offer of around half of my claim. They said they will pay this into my account within 10 days BUT nowhere does it say that the offer is in "full and final settlement". Before everyone directs me to letter 5 in the "rejecting offers" section, when the offer arrives after court action has started, read on. My issue is this. Am I obliged to write to Abbey, rejecting their offer? (As per letter, above.) Or can I instead wait approx 10 days until I have a judgment from the court? (This is assuming that in the next 10 days Abbey's complaints department do not pass the matter on to their legal department.) In other words, do I really need to tip Abbey off that they have 10 days in which to file a defence? As I said, the letter from Abbey said nothing about "full and final settlement", and didn't even ask for a reply. Any ideas, bank bashers? Many thanks Bristolman
  5. Dear all, I received my 6 years worth of statements last week. All the time I have been receiving these penalty fees I have been overdrawn, the OD rate with Abbey being 8.9%. 1. At what stage do I claim this back? It strikes me that a $35 charge in 2001 is (with compound interest) actually around $58. 2. Is there a spreadsheet to work this out? 3. When do I claim the additional 8% (set out on the spreadsheet?) Many thanks. Bristolman:confused:
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