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  1. Yes mate got the order & also some lady from the court called me to say she asked the judge again to re-look at it for me and he still said no as i was the one that set the directions in the first place but advised me to do the n244 form & he'll re-set the claim after another £65, which i'm doin at mo with my employer writing a letter to say i was working away over those dates. I'll post the order up on here asap matey... Fingers crossed yet again!!!
  2. Surely the judge must see that i'm single, live on my own & have to go out to work. In my work i do work away a hell of alot so can't be there all the time...
  3. Gary what does set aside mean??? How does it work??? Can't i just say i was working away when the order came & when i got back i sent in my paperwork after finding the order, then also reading the other additional directions the judge gave me it said 14 days before the court date. Wont that work???
  4. I sent the letter into the court last week to have abbey struck out & didn't hear anything so today i phoned up the court to ask where we are at and they said an order dated june 9th is being sent out to me cus i've been struck out as i didn't file my papers in time. Where do i go from here can it still be set aside??? What i did notice is on my directions yes it did say hand in paperwork 14 after the order date but on another sheet that came with it, it said 14 days before the court date june 29th???? Could i go to them and say i took that as when to hand the bundle in??? Am i allowed to go claim against abbey again (ie...do it all over again) with the same paperwoprk or is that it??? Help please..............!
  5. Just didn't want Abbey to notice plus that means it wasn't in terms with the order!? Will that make a difference???
  6. Not sure what to do with this bit mate; "I can confirm that my documents were both filed and served pursuant to the terms of the order on (date)." Shall i just type it in upto the "terms of order" bit & leave out the date????
  7. Should i put the date i sent my bundle then mate? Although it was late or do i put a backdated date on it???
  8. Thanks mate, what do i do then call up the court & ask for them to strike Abbey out???
  9. Gary, when do i apply for the Abbey to be struck out??? Can i still do this although they didn't get my bundle till the 11th may (about 2 weeks late!!!) Thanks in advance Rodster
  10. Gary it's been over a week now & havn't heard anything?? will i receive a letter if i get struck out or not as i'm not sure if i've been struck out already or not or what Abbey is doing??? Do i still wait? Thanks Rodster
  11. Right now all complete & sending off today!! Fingers crossed...
  12. How important is the statement of evidence bit matey??? I've not included that yet just what it said on another page. ie... Correspondence Latest schedule of charges Statements Relevant case law summary Early day motion from House of Parliment Dunlop v New Garage UTCCR 1999 UCTA 1977 SOGA 1982 Oft Statement summary Decided cases will this lot be ok?? or more???
  13. Right matey all bundles now done just need to put all 3 in folders with dividers. Send tomorrow morn????
  14. I sent them in like this web site said... But i didn't fully understand them or didn't read them properly!
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