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  1. got court papers-could you tell me how do I work out interest again as cannot get spreadsheets up. Also do I ask for any payment for stress and other charges made from other companies due to unfair charges? Pat
  2. Can someone please HELP I have waited 14 days since sending Barclays letter before action. WHAT do I do next regarding going to court. Do I go and get some forms from court first? Do I write to Barclays again? I have tried getting spreadsheets up to work out interest -cannot get anyhing up. Someone helped me when I first started to work out interest but I dont know how to work it out from there, How much is it a day? I am an OAP and even though I have read so much on claiming I seem to be getting more and more confused. What I need is everything put down simply! for my Simple mind!! Thanks
  3. Yes he did! Did you see my long thread about it?
  4. Barclaycard sold my sons debt on to Ist Credit who are demanding £1400. His (Then girlfriend) destroyed all his paperwork before leaving him whilst he was in hospital with their baby daughter who had a 9 hour heart op at 9 days old. Therefor he didn't even have the card number let alone knows how much he actually owed before they started adding interest. I sent a letter to Barclaycard asking them to send statements, they replied asking for £10 which I put in an envelope with my sons details and his reference number on the back, I sent this recorded delivery, Yesterday 1st Credit rang my son saying the £10 had not been recieved-he refused to discuss anything over phone, however I rang Barclaycard and DEMANDED they inform me if my cheque had been recieved (Despite Data protection statement) I was told "the envelope was empty!!"Despite me having an independant witness to me sending it. I offered to pay the £10 by my debit card-this was refused "We cannot accept payments over the phone" IS THIS A NEW DELAYING TACTIC I ask? So I rang 1st Credit and after speaking to an 'assistant was offered a settlement figure of £980 (the maximum they allow off ) I was told. I insisted I speak to a manager, who to their credit I did speak to, he offered to take £10 payment to get statements and said he would suspend account untill I came back from 2 weeks holiday by which time he hoped I would get the statements for my son. I offered to pay the money he owed once all the charges were removed. Which I will. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. pmhcfe- Sorry I forgot -they said they would issue a summons next week if I do not pay!!
  6. pmhcfe. Thanks for your reply and draft letter. I had to ring the company today to try once more to get them to lower the figure they offered my son to clear debt. He had borrowed £1340 for windows to be paid over 10 years. He paid 28 payments (£680)before his problems prevented him from paying any more, he missed 14 payments up to present. They added £1680 in Interest and charges (charges £490) and then reached a figure of £2200 owing, that they have now reduced to £1650 provided I clear the debt for my son (Its impossible for him as he hasn't even enough to pay his weekly bills anyway) I have to clear it by Monday as chap said it was a month end offer to "Help us hit our targets!" That would mean my son would have paid £2330 for borrowing the money for 42 months! With Interest my son would have paid £2900 over 10 years. They mentioned Statatory Interest and another type of Interest. They say they froze one type (Since last May) but are allowed to charge the other one. (They charged £50 for March alone) I am going away for 2 weeks from next Thurs. so If I pay the £1650 can I still challange the amount at a later date? I am a pensioner and just cant get my head round working out the interest etc.
  7. Can someone please help urgently. Can loan company add charges which are unreclaimable-they say they can as they are not classed same as banks and creditcard co. Also they said they had suspended interest yet it shows interest up to present day-they say that is a different interest!! Help
  8. Can anyone please help? My son bought some essential New windows when his baby daughter came home from hospital after a major 9 hour heart operation after her birth. He signed for HP on the windows and paid approx £24 a month as arranged on a 120 months contract. He arranged a direct debit which was taken every month untill £440 had been paid. His ex partner had left him weeks after the babys birth and due to him having to have time off work to be with baby in hospital, some of his bills got behind and the bank eventually closed his account-mainly due to their charges which we are in process of recovering. However this week he recieved a letter from the finance company who gave him the loan asking for £1950 immediately. When I spoke to their solicitor he said there was no way my son could avoid paying the full amount as the extra was CONTRACTUAL INTEREST. Can anyone please tell me if this is correct. The solicitor said I could not ask for statements showing the charges, but eventually I have traced the loan company itself and got a kind person to send me the statements.(waiting for these) I explained that my son could only afford £1 a week and if it went to court they would be lucky to get that, I explained that if I could get interest taken off I myself MIGHT be able to pay the debt off. Where do I stand regarding this? Can ANYONE help please.
  9. Can anyone tell me how do you know if you have a default notice against a credit record. What does it mean please
  10. thanks for info. I think it will be a long drawn out job. Just hope it doesn't go to court before I can sort it out
  11. Can anyone help me. My son thought he owed £900 to Barclaycard but like most people because he could not pay due to being a single working father with a heart baby daughter, he buried his head in the sand, eventually cutting up his card. I have only just found out that last October he recieved a letter from a firm called first credit saying they were going to take legal proceedings against him. He contacted them by phone offering to pay £5 per week(leaving him with only £5 left for food per week! They demanded £70. He says he has heard nothing since. Can someone help urgently please. He cannot remember the credit card no. and only has a client account no. on 1st credits letter. Does he write to them? or to Barclaycard. They say he owes £1400. and What exactly is Barclaycards address.
  12. HAGENUK Take charges off and he owed (I estimate) £650.94
  13. HAGENUK A Further problem, I have had sight of the document my son recieved re the bank account dated 8th Jan 07 It is from a firm of solicitors called Nelson Guest and Partners. They have been passed details from Westcott Credit Services and say he will be taken to court without further notice if he doesn't pay full amount immediately. Sorry I know my son is an idiot! He chose to ignore it, he told me he thought he had spoken to them on the phone and they had said he had to pay £70 per week, now he thinks that was Barclaycard for the money he owes them! GOD, he says he was scared stiff and didn't think straight so now doesn't know if he did speak to them. Does that mean he now has to change the letter to the bank from the prelim letter? They said he owes £2608 which I presume is the original £2477.54 at close of account plus further charges since then! Then they said they would also charge £200 for taking him to court. This lot would have been sorted out months ago if the bank had sent his statements to him and not someone else. See Sunday Mirror tomorrow re his story and photo! How do I stop them taking him to court? Plus what else do I add to letter if anything, to stop him being hounded by Solicitors etc. I am hoping you get this message asap as I need to write letter etc over weekend to enable me to post first thing Monday morning. Thanks
  14. Dx100UK Many thanks for help I am a pensioner with bad eyesight and NOT very computor literate I'm afraid, I'm just hoping my son has got some paperwork, as usually happens when people get into debt, he has tried to ignore things even on occassions not even opening his post!! As I said he spends all his time either working or looking after the little ones on his own. I dont know what CCA means-sorry! (See your message.)\I Can only guess Credit Card Agency but cant make sense of that!! Once again thanks. Rite2bite
  15. I am still trying to sort out my son's debt mess caused when his newborn daughter had to have a MAJOR heart surgery at birth and he couldn't get the overtime he needed to pay his bills nor get to the BS where his wage was paid into to transfer money to the bank. Some of the credit cards he had are allowing him to pay off £5 per week, however Barclaycard have put would not let him do this and have put his debt into the hands of a debt collecting agency, who rang him the other day demanding he pays £1400, he thought he only owed £900. They will only accept a minimum of £70 per week, once he has paid his bills he only has £10 left for food. He works really awkward shifts as a postman but no matter how hard he works he cannot keep up with the spiralling charges on bills accumulated when his ex partner was sitting at home with her 2 year old (Not my sons) whilst my son was in hospital with the baby she was running up massive bills. When baby came home the Ex got the social to rent her a nice three bed semi!! All bills including taxis to nursery paid for. If my son isnt working he is having BOTH children. Now can someone please help me, Im new to site. Is there anything I can do to lower this debt, and what can the collecting agency do to him? He is trying not to worry us as we are pensioners, that means we are more worried than ever. Little by little we are trying to find out if there are any more debts and also what the other credit card companies can do if he only pays £5 per week. HELP
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