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  1. Thats brilliant thank you, what should we do if they do infact send proof of the debt?
  2. My wife received a letter out of the blue two months ago from the Department Of Work & Pensions saying she owed £293. The letter was address to her at our address but in her maiden name. We have lived at this address for 12 years and been married for 9 years and we have no idea where this debt arises from except that my wife changed jobs in 2001 and her previous job she received tax credits so could possibly be due to an overpayment from then? She ignored the first letter because a) we couldnt understand what the debt was attributed to b) thought it could be a [problem] How
  3. Hiya, I've worked for the Local Authority in the same Residential EMI care home for 9 years... The Council owned many Residential Homes but this home was the only one dedicated to EMI & Dementia Care and as such, our staff have recieved additional ongoing training inorder to support our clients special needs. Now the council have closed most of the residential homes, offered the displaced staff voluntary severence/voluntary redundancy and redeployment. The reason for my post is this... Several staff have been placed as supernumary into our home while they await voluntary sever
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