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  1. Good news, the FOS have just sent me an offer of the full amount from BOS....£7603. Result!!!
  2. Thanks, my domicile is in scotland but my claim is for £7560. I have the use of an english address so will I have to register on mcol with the english address?
  3. Just received a letter from bos, i think its a standard " we have investigated your complaint and believe we are right and you are wrong so go away". Has anyone else had one of these, is it now time for mcol?
  4. Nice one mate, my lba runs out on 6th of april. I'll be in Tenerife then so I hope they pay up.
  5. Had a wee look at MCOL, when I register do I put in the english address I intend to use for correspondence or my scottish address?
  6. Ok, been reading and now it's time to send off my LBA. I'm going through MCOL as I have access to an address in England. Deadline is 6th April.
  7. Gargoil, did you get a letter from BOS after your prelim letter saying that they had 8 weeks to investigate your complaint?
  8. Got my letter saying that they have 8 weeks to investigate complaint blah...blah! Do I just send the LBA now as they have responded within 14 days?
  9. Thanks Robertx, it's just that I've read that because Bos's domicile is in Edinburgh then it has to be through the scottish system.
  10. Who did you phone Javorb?
  11. Just a quick one to check something, I've got £7650 to claim from B.O.S. Am i correct in thinking I can use the english court system to go for at least £5000 of it or because B.O.S's head office is in Edinburgh I'd have to go through the scottish system?
  12. I take it they didn't pay up following your prelim letter?
  13. Received statements today, noticed that there is "availability fees" of £24 in places. Any thoughts? Going to send off my prelim letter asking for £7560 going back 6 years, if they refuse then I'll be going for the £5000 through the english court system then I'll get the rest later.
  14. Managed to set up a parachute account with RBOS today . Result!
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