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  1. Thanx mate. I will do very soon, it's a complicated part but I will do it before the weekends over. Thing is, on my statements, it shows for each month TWO different sets of interest. I did withdraw cash on the card so I guess this makes it that bit more complicated with the interest they charge on cash withdrawels. I will post up the total interest for each month soon
  2. Hey, have finally recieved the Statement today from crap 1 Total charges £300. Not sure about the interest but much advice would help on working that out. So where do I take it from here with Capital one ??? Much advice would be appreciated
  3. Right, well I just looked carefully through it all and yes they did state out specifically the charges ... £300 quids worth too
  4. Rory, I've just returned home to the EXACT same thing. I've recieved it today , recorded delivery too, and it dosen't look as though it's a complete set of statements I'm so annoyed. Although, I think they just send you statements with the charges. Thing is, they are not actual statements. They just look like actual printouts bulleting the charges... it's not an actual copy of the statement like the one you would recieve monthly
  5. I will DEFINATLY donate a fraction of my claim here. Knowing that other people have donated here to help those like myself , I intend to do the same. This site has really helped me take control of a misery
  6. I'm in the exact same position. I have sent my request 30 days ago and still no statements to be recieved. They have about 11 days left. I will be phoning TONIGHT !
  7. Congrats ! Money for the summer hey
  8. OK have sent the letter under the data protection act requesting for all statements.Sent it with the £10 postal order. Looking forward to recieving them
  9. OK, have sent SARS request to barclay card today with £10 postal order for statements .. look forward to recieving them !
  10. Advice. When you call and they act persistent and nasty with you on the phone. Don't hang up. Hold on the line and refuse to hang up, it really peeves them off because they have targets on the time they can handle a phone call. Probability is, is that they have the same phone calls over and over again, but it dosen't make it right for her to talk to you like that. With the charges thing now being a big thing now, you can imagine that that the banks are putting some heavy pressure on the advisors with the charges which isn't fair, but alot of them don't really have problems with debts themselves so they don't really care as they are working in a bank passing a credit search. They have no right to be snotty so just ask for a manager if they act that way. When I call, I always give respect, and I expect the same thing back. They have my services and MY MONEY and make plenty interest from it. They have no right to be any way with you when you query £500 of your money
  11. Anymore advice would be helpful before I look into this
  12. Why should they KEEP nearly £1400 of your money for seats that they will just sell on again and probs make nearly £3500 out of selling two seats over. It isn't even justified. Laws should enforce that businesses can't do this.
  13. OK, The flight is changeable on the return dates and even then there is a fee of £100 so I could end up paying £900 for this ticket in total and could have flown freakin first class at the end of all this. The thing is, the agency is asking for £200 yet they state the outgoing date is Non-changeable. So now they change it for a massive fee ? I actually called the airline i'm flying to Hong Kong with which is air new zealand from london because it's a connecting flight so the other flight from Hong Kong to tokyo is with United Airlines. I called air new zealand and asked for the price of the flight in September and she was like , it's still the same price and it's still cheap too, it was about £480 but that was just the part of the ticket to hong kong. But after that, they said it would only cost me £75 to change the ticket to a date in september with no extra cost. £75 ... THAT IS MORE REASONABLE. The girl said she could not touch the ticket because i've booked through an agency. I don't know what the cost is to change from hong kong to tokyo with united airlines, but it can't be THAT much. I'm taking £75 into factor and I want to see what it will be from hong kong to tokyo ?
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