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  1. I have been receiving letters off these cretins again, one was a blank standing order form saying that they are willing to accept any payment I make to them, as long as I keep up my payment proposals, and another letter saying that they have been checking my credit report and noticed some activity on it..... I don't think so seeing as nobody in their right minds would probably give me credit now after these shallow barstools have probably thrashed my credit rating! Just gonna get filed in the bin!
  2. Let me know how you get on..... I am currently awaiting some more free paper to clean up any cat accidents! Nik x
  3. OH MY GOD!!! 1st credit have repiled with A CCA from a Citi and BMIbaby card agreement date on top 01 05 08. Its just a load of photocopied papers. And the covering letter says: Please find enclosed a true copy of your agreement enclosed. The document provided is compliant to the consumer credit(cancellation notices and copies of documents) regulations 1983 which we are obliged to adhere to. Specifically I would refer you to regulation 3(2) which states the agreement is not required to be an exact replica of the original document but may omit certain information including any signature box, signature, or date of signature. We would now respectfully request you contact our offices to recommence repayment of this debt. I took this card out long before 2008, and not one piece of paper includes my signature. What should I do now?
  4. I just want to say thank you to both of you for your help!!
  5. I received a red postcard off them today, not sealed or anything, with the logo and debt recovery consultants in bold writing on the non addressed side. Now, this is embarrassing to me as anybody could of seen this, luckily, it was just the postman. Am I right in contacting the OFT about this?
  6. I cant actually remember if I received one off the OC..... Is there anyway I can find out? I want to thank everybody for their help so far!!! xxx
  7. So is this actually a default notice, or is it just something thats dressed up like one?
  8. I have copied it to the exact letter! I have: *Mackenzie hall logo, on top right corner, *address as: unit 1a, 58 portland street, kilmarnock, ayrshire, ka1 1jg *a reference number *pursuers: Mackenzie hall debt purchase ltd. When I read it this morning, I actually thought that myself.
  9. Thanks Hardup!!!! I just thought it was best I check on here!!! xxx
  10. :confused:I received this letter from Mackenzie Hall today. I knew Quick Quid had passed the debt over to them but just wondering if this is classed as a default notice from Mackenzie Hall, and also if it is valid! 13TH APRIL 2010 DEFAULT ON FIXED SUM LOAN AGREEMENT REGULATED BY THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 Dear Nikki1982 We write to give you formal notice that Quick Quid has legally assigned the rights to the above debt to Mackenzie Hall debt purchase Ltd. This means that Mackenzie Hall now legally own the debt. We act for Mackenzie Hall. We have been instructed to pursue you for the full payment with immediate effect. Take notice: You should accept this letter as formal notification that unless payment is received within 7 days then your account will be considered for legal action in the County Court for recovery of the full amount outstanding. Any such proceedings will include additional claims for legal costs and interest which will increase the amount that you will be required to pay. THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER WARNING- PAYMENT IN FULL MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN NOON 20TH APRIL 2010. In the event judgement is obtained against you then it will be entered in a public register, the register of judgements, orders and fines. The details will then be passed to credit reference agencies, who will supply them to credit grantors and others seeking information on your financial standing. This will make it difficult for you to get credit. NOTE: Quick Quid have already advised the Credit reference agencies of tour default. This may seriously affect your ability to obtain credit in the future. Once the balance is paid in full, only then will the default be shown as Default satisfied. Many thanks in advance xxx
  11. I defaulted on a loan with Wonga. It has now been passed to JBDR who claim that letters were sent out to me on the 8th January, and 7th February to which I had never receieved. Yet searching through my emails, I had one from Barker and Lowe, on the 7th January, giving me until the 14th January to pay all the money. Made a telephone call to JBDR on the 6th April after receiving a voicemail asking me to contact them. I said I had not received any written notification of yourselves or Wonga to actually say you are legally entitled to collect this debt, and I wish to try and set up a payment arrangement..... was told we will send everything to you via email to which I have still not received. Received another voicemail this morning, asking me to contact them again, explained everything to the person I was speaking to, said another email will be sent out........ STILL WAITING!!! I don't know what to do
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