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  1. NatWest paid in full yesterday £4200, please change my thread to won: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/81060-hedge-natwest.html Thanks very much for everyone's help.
  2. Well I'm pleased to say that the two Special Delivery letters waiting for me at the sorting office were the NastyWest paying up the full amount, £4200 (the day before the hearing as usual)! So this thread can be marked as settled or won or something. The letter said they'd win if it went to court blah blah but I found it funny that the 'revisal fee' I tried to claim back they wouldn't pay as they claim it is a 'legitimate' charge, oh, so does that mean they others were illegitimate? I was claiming back fees for a dissolved company so for anyone else about to do this, the way I did it was to claim in my name (not on behalf of...) but still delete all references to consumer law and on your schedule of charges put the account name as your company name. This way you're not pulling the wool over anyone's eyes, so when the time comes you should still get a cheque made out to you rather than your dissolved company. Well it worked for me anyway. Thanks again for everyone's invaluable help, I would have found it a lot more stressful without it. Regards B Hedge
  3. Can they realistically use the court given that they haven't submitted a bundle and I wont give them permission to use any evidence they haven't already submitted?
  4. Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply. I hope my bundle is up to scratch. Although I didn't number the pages I did make sure my contents were comprehensive and did it indicate the order of the bundle. Cobblers haven't submitted one and with the court date being two days away (Tues 5th June 2.00pm) I guess they can't. As for CPR18, they never sent me one. I think they may have been wrong footed by the court date being so soon - I followed the new method for the AQ and asked for a Draft order of Directions but the judge didn't order it instead in reply he gave us a court date which was only two weeks away - I suppose that had a similar effect as the Draft order as it cut the potential time scale significantly. What is an Access Letter Is that the S.A.R? I didn't send one, only the Data Protection letter, should I have done?
  5. I'm probably putting the cart before the horse here but if it is not the full amount what is considered the best means of approaching them, a telephone call? Do I suggest they do a BACS transfer if they want to avoid court on Tuesday? Thanks B Hedge
  6. A quick question. If Cobblers settle before it gets to court do you still get the s.69 interest? I ask because my court date is Tuesday and I've just got back from a week away to find a special delivery note telling me there is a letter to sign for at the sorting office which I hope is from them (or is that wishful thinking?). Thanks in advance B Hedge
  7. I have received the "Allocation to the Small Claims Track (Hearing)" letter on it there is no mention of any 'directions'. It does say all documents to be relied upon must be submitted etc. which I guess is the standard bit. Am I to assume my draft order for directions was not ordered? It has been allocated 10 minutes (only 10?) on 5th June. Thanks for everyone's continued advice.
  8. Thanks for very much your reply. Just an update: the AQ deadline was Monday 30th April and I phoned the court this morning to see if Cobblers had missed it. It seems they have as they have not yet filed their AQ, so I'm hoping the judge will be thoroughly sick of banks and their shenanigans and penalise them in some way. I'm a bit peeved that they can use the court system in this way.
  9. Thanks for everyone's continued help, another query though: Today I received the Defendants AQ with this in the "other info" section: "The claimant has not shown that they have reasonable grounds for bringing the claim and despite the Defendant requesting that the Claimant remedy the lack of particularity pleaded in the Particulars of Claim, the Claimant has failed to do so. Case management directions cannot be processed until the Claimant fully particularises their Claim. In light of this, the Defendant may amend its Defence or apply to strike out." I've searched on this but can find no consistent course of action. My POC were cut and pasted from the templates section on this site (with slight modifications) with a schedule of charges, and my AQ was completed in line with the "New strategy for AQs" thread. My questions are, is this just a delaying tactic, is it worth resending Cobblers a copy, should I be worried about a potential striking out application or should I stand firm and ignore it? Plus they've filled in an N149 but the court sent me a N150, is this relevant? Thanks very much in advance.
  10. Thanks, yes I've seen that. I just wondered whether the existence of a previous offer could have a positive bearing on it too.
  11. Is it worth mentioning on th Allocation Questionnaire that they have already made an offer? It's like them holding their hands up after all.
  12. Hi, Firstly, thanks to everyone who has been good enough to post their experiences they have been very helpful. Secondly my situation, I have sent the 'request for repayment of charges' letter and the LBA including schedule of charges both of which were ignored by the Natwest. I have therefore issued a claim in the County Court and received a Acknowledgment of Service from Cobbett's. I have been away over Easter and when I returned I found an offer letter dated 4th April from Natwest Customer Relations sap Stuart Higley offering me a 'goodwill' £2904 (the claim is for £3089.50). However I also received Cobbett's defence (pretty standard letter I think) dated 5th April. My questions are; am I right to reject this as a full settlement and pursue the additional 8% statutory interest and court fee? Is this a common tactic by them to try and wrong-foot us? Thanks in advance B Hedge
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