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  1. yes dx the same one and 14 years on still paying UB... thks have filled in online sar request to halifax what happens if the halifax can not produce evidence of every payment made over the last 20 years off the original balance i still have the original typed breakdown of the charges and amount house was sold for etc and the original balance sent by the halifax 20 odd years ago
  2. hi after paying a mortgage short fall for around 21 years a balance sent by mdrl who are now collecting on behalf of the halifax is believed to be around £1,500 to much and the shortfall may even be paid off would a sar request to the halifax get me a copy of every payment made over the last 20 years or so so the balance can be checked if not anyone know how i could get this info with this being a mortgage shortfall could the halifax still take me to court if i stopped paying or sell the debt on thanks
  3. safc


    no never sent them anything the default dropped off credit report in i april 2020 last payment i believe was about end of 2013
  4. safc


    had a couple of fishing letters from hoist portfolio asking me to get in touch and saying i could be offered a discount and they want to help me and save the world is it best to just ignore or is it best to send them a this debt is statue barred as i know it is thks
  5. safc


    thks a donation has been made to the site
  6. safc


    hi does a refund of charges from bcard reset the statue barred time all data was received from bcard to be sure when default notice was issued and last payment the default dropped off credit file 6 months ago a letter from bcard says a refund of charges will be given to the dca that bought the debt even though a claim for charges was never done just the data request for statements etc .thks
  7. hi court was rang and it was confirmed by whoever checked the claim no that it has been discontinued and no further action will be taken no confirmation in writing from the court though do you get this this will probably get passed on and start all over again
  8. just a question to put minds at rest witness statement was due to be handed in to the court on 9th oct need this not be done now as the distcontinuance from moriarty states 3rd oct.thks
  9. thanks dx 100uk and andtorch for your help a donation will be made next payday
  10. hi dx /andyorch theese have been recieved notice of discontinuance do this look the real thing witness statement has to be in to court on 9th oct should the court be rang on monday to confirm
  11. ok thks so still send witness statement to moriarty law aswell as court
  12. hi andyorch or dx update from moriarty law in a letter ill just type it out could be a lie and a bluff like could you advise on next move claim no -====== our ref no -------- sll acc no -------- amount due £o.oo every other letter has had the ammount in £,s originator-money in advance dear mr ------------- re- sll capitol ltd we write with referenceto the above detailed account please be advised we are no longer instructed in connection with this matter and the account has been returned to our client please contact our client directly if you have any queries thks
  13. so will the whole original agreement have to be disclosed in witness statement when pointing out the differences or just parts of it will moriarty/sll capitol use this to there advantage they wont get copy of statement till 8th oct ,courts will be hand delivered on the 8th day before due
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